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Volume III / Number 12: June 28, 2002: Page 3
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      Advice Lady         

A well-known low-carber in the community answers your questions about everything from nutrition to family issues, stress, and heck — even your love life. She's been the "go to gal" for awhile now when people need a little advice. And who is she? Well, we're not telling. She remains anonymous so that she can better give very frank advice. She doesn't pull any punches. You can remain anonymous too if you want — Just think "Dear Abby" — you know, signing off like "Harried in the Workplace" or "Desperate for Carbs in Detroit". Send in your question to The Advice Lady at

Dear Advice Lady,

I am not an Atkins Dieter, but my daughter started the Atkins plan a few weeks ago, and I'll be fair and say she's doing well, isn't hungry and is losing nicely. However, concerns about this diet prompted me to go out and find sites like this one to learn more. I've come away with a question that I can't find an answer to, so maybe you can help me.

My daughter really was a carb addict, but also mainly loved fruits, veggies, salads, etc. Pretty healthy stuff. She never cared for eggs, sausage, steaks, butter, etc. Now that she low carbs, she's learned to eat all those things, and pretty much every day, at that. What worries me is that when she goes back to eating normally at the end of the diet, she'll now have a taste for these kinds of foods.

Isn't this a problem for a lot of people?

Tied to a steak in New York (Hazel)

Dear Tied,

First off, those foods you so fear are clearly not what made your daughter overweight in the first place. Remember, you said she didn't like them. As Atkins says, most people become overweight because they eat sugary and other processed, refined foods and their bodies aren't able to use up these empty calories.

Breakfast Foods Eating high fat foods such as eggs, cheese and a couple of pieces of bacon is fine only in the absence of refined carbs in your diet. During Induction, when carbohydrates are most severely limited, you can indeed eat plenty of fat, all the while losing weight and improving your blood cholesterol and triglyceride markers. Once you've lost a lot of the weight, and weight loss slows down, many of us have to cut back a bit on really large amounts of fat, and eat less calories; (and more low impact carbs.)

Second, this is a lifetime new way of eating. A way to both get and stay healthy. If a person does Atkins, loses weight and then returns to his old way of high carbohydrate eating, whether or not he incorporates bacon and eggs, he will likely regain the weight. And eating a high fat, high carbohydrate diet, which is the typical American diet, is a recipe for health disaster. The point is that Atkins is a way of eating for a lifetime. The gradual process by which you learn new healthy eating habits actually reinforces healthy habits.

                                                                             The Advice Lady

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