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"Obstacles are put in our way to see if we really want something... Or if we just thought we did."      
— Whoopi Goldberg        

We get a lot of mail at Low Carb Luxury, and it's helpful to us to be able to direct the mail appropriately to more quickly answer your question, comment, or request. Please use the following e-mail addresses as outlined below:

General Comments or Questions:
Writing to Lora...

Remember to check the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) first to see if your question is already answered there. Many of the questions we get are oft-repeated. (Remember, the FAQ Q&A's are not real exact emails we've received — they're compilations of multiple letters so that we can give quick overviews.)

The most common question we get is "
what's almond flour?" or "where can I buy (or how do I make) almond flour?" So it's the first question addressed in the FAQ.

If it's not covered in the FAQ or in an article or feature at the site, or if you'd just like to talk, please write to me directly at

NOTE: (Current Email Status Update)
We are currently getting an average of 250 350 letters each day, and consequently, we cannot answer every letter. We do read every one, though, and we'll always answer as many as we can and as time permits. Thank you for understanding.
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Technical Questions:
For technical questions or comments about the workings of the site, write to

Product Review Querries:
mail If you're a product manufacturer who'd like to arrange to have a product or service reviewed for possible inclusion on our product spotlight page, write to Please include as much information as possible about the item, product or service. We'll get back to you with our review panel's current schedule and any questions we have. To send a product for review, please mail to:
Low Carb Luxury
P.O. Box 602
Dayton, OH 45402
If you need to UPS or FedEx an item, write for our street address. To FAX us, drop us a line to request the FAX number.

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