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Site Announcements

    January 2003:
Site News

Lots of new features at the site, including some new design, new more comprehensive navigation, a new discussion forums area called Talking Low Carb, an all-inclusive Search function, and a new Online Magazine.

    March 10, 2002:
Product Labeling Error/ALERT!

Please check the ADDENDUM to our Read The Label Article (addendum is at the bottom of the page) to read about the labeling discrepancies and errors on a product called "Manny's Tortillas." It's come to our attention that lots of low-carbers are believing these to be low carb (1 carb each) when in reality, they are at least 14 carbs each.

    March 9, 2002:
Cool News for Washingtonians:

If you happen to be lucky enough to live in the Olympia, Washington area (or plan to travel there), make a stop at the Hawk's Prairie Inn Restaurant in nearby Lacey (about 6 to 7 miles outside of Olympia.) You'll find that tucked inside their regular menu is a "special" one... On one side, a special "low fat" menu you'll want to ignore that one {smile} and on the other side, a special
low carb menu ! We are told it features low carb bread, meats breaded with Pork Rinds, and such dishes as Vegetables with Hollandaise; and Tarragon Chicken Stuffed with Ground Chicken and Spinach. You won't want to miss this one! It's located at 8214 Quinault Drive, NE — I am told this is near the Nisqually Basin Interstate 5, North of Lacey. (You can call them at (360) 459-0900 if you need more information or directions.) This cool news comes from Mary Sloan.  You Washington people are so lucky!

    February 27, 2002:
Site Changes/Additions

The first of the year our newsletter changed to an all-graphic format and added new features and new contributing authors.

And now, we've added a few new areas to the site including an area for New Low Carbers!   We just keep growing!

    November 1, 2001:
Holiday Time

Every year at this time, we do our best to help you survive the holidays. Today we've debuted our Thanksgiving Guide once again. We hope it can be of help to you in keeping this a healthy low-carb celebration.

    June 27, 2001:
Low Carb Product Outside Review...

You really know low-carbing has hit the mainstream when a site called Daily Candy favorably reviews and comments on low-carb foods. This month, they've reviewed Keto Chips (the same ones we loved here as well!) You can see the review here.

    May 10, 2001:
Merchant/New Product Alert!

News from the world of Keto Foods: For everyone who misses Fritos:   Those Keto Elves are hard at work on something they call "Keeters" in three flavors, Original Corn, Bar-B-Q and Hot-n-Spicy.   Look for them around June 1st!

Rumor has it, they will also be unveiling their low carb version of Rice Krispie Treats very soon!

    March 27, 2001:
Merchant/Product/Media Update!

Regarding the announcement below, the Today Show did indeed air the spot. They noted it was "the world's first Low Carb Cereal." Pretty neat, huh?

    March 9, 2001:
Merchant/Product/Media Update!

Is this super-cool news, or what?

It seems that NBC's Today Show may be featuring Keto Crisp Cereal on its "Supermarket Guru" segment with Phil Lempert on Thursday, March 15th. Set those VCRs! (Or in my husband's case, his RePlay TV.) I believe that unless they end up "bumped" for time, they will indeed be looking at a great Low Carb product. Don't miss it!

    March 4, 2001:
New Article!
Biologists generally agree that our little fuzz muffins descended from that formidable predator, the African Wildcat. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that their diets are pretty much the same -- a diet of raw meat. Read more about it here.

    January 26, 2001:
New Article!
Looking for new ways to substitute potatoes? Here's a new article that lays it all out!

    December 8, 2000:
New Article!
If you're one of the people who think Kedem Tea Biscuits are a good, low-carb treat -- Think again... Just because a label's Nutrition Panel says the carbs are low, that doesn't mean you can believe it. Be your own detective. And start by reading this.

    November 23, 2000:
Christmas Cheer!
Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! Not wanting to waste a moment, we've now placed our Christmas Holiday Planning area online! Have a joyous season!

    November 3, 2000:
Holidays are Coming!
Our Thanksgiving Holiday Planning area is now up and ready! Please visit and we hope you find something of value to help make your holiday celebration happy, flavorful, and low-carb!

    October 7, 2000:
Back to Normal...
Thanks for everyone's support over the last couple of weeks. Most things are back to normal, and we are grateful for only having lost property and not family or friends. The outpouring of caring from all of you was so appreciated! Thank you from Richard and myself.

September 21, 2000:   S P E C I A L   N O T I C E :  
The town in which we live - Xenia, Ohio - was hit by a devastating tornado last night. Richard and I were at ground-zero when it occured. We chose that time to make a "quick run to Wal-Mart and Kroger." If you've seen the news footage, you've likely seen the Wal-Mart parking lot which took the biggest hit, though there are so very many homes destroyed and businesses lost and buildings leveled. My car - (the Buick LeSabre I got for Christmas) was in that lot. There is no part of the car undamaged. Richard and I ran to the back of the store to take cover and are unharmed but shaken. Our town is in chaos. Please, everyone, bear with us as we try to get back to normal.   Roads are closed; and power is intermittent.

    September 1, 2000:
Product Availability!
Splenda is now shelf-available in groceries across the country! If your grocer doesn't carry it yet, ask them about it. It's now available for them to order! Read more about it in our latest Feature Article !

    August 21, 2000:
Merchant Update:
Earlier we announced that Keto Brand (Life Services) would be introducing an apple cinnamon O-shaped cereal in the Fall. But it seems that most people seem to be missing the all-time favorite, Rice Krispies, so the debut cereal will be a Krispie-clone -- coming in at only 2 grams per serving! I was a big Rice Krispie fan (no pun intended), so I can't wait! I'll have to start working on a Krispie-Bar recipe. :)

They still have plans for the apple cinnamon as well as a cocoa cereal in the near future.

    August 1, 2000:
Merchant Announcement!
Even more news from Life Services - (the Keto Brand people):
For September they're introducing new Ketatoes with bacon, cheese and chives! And they'll have a new mashed ketato recipe on the label.

Also, in September they're adding to the Keto Shake family a new Peaches and Cream flavor! (I love peaches and cream and can't wait for this one!!)

Plus, I now have more information on the Keto Krisp cereal I mentioned in the previous announcement - It will be available in October, will be called Krispy Ket-O's, and will be apple cinnamon! I'm pleased to hear it will be packaged in traditional "cereal boxes" like we're used to (outer box with inner sealed bag).

    July 17, 2000:
Merchant Announcement!
Here's a little insider news from Life Services - the Keto Brand people!
Coming in August will be three new flavors of their ice cream mixes - Coffee, Black Raspberry and Orange Creamsicle. And they will not only be in bigger containers (with no price increase), but the formula (for them and the current flavors) will be improved to allow a true commercial ice cream consistency that stays scoopable even right out of the freezer!

Also in August, they'll be introducing two truly amazing new Keto Bread Machine mixes (yeast raised) in Rye and a classic French loaf! And while I don't have a date yet, they also have some killer low carb (Keto Krisp?) cereal in the works, so watch for it.

In the Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona area? A chain of (41) health food stores there called Hi-Health will now be carrying all the Keto Line, so if you live in the area, you won't have to do mail order anymore! (Wish they were available in my area!)

    May 31, 2000:
Question for my visitors:
Do any of you know where I might be able to purchase Slim Jims (beef jerky) online? My husband is nuts about 'em and the store here that carried them no longer does. These are the real name brand Slim Jim's - the thin, flat "strips", rather than the little round "sticks." Any help would sure be appreciated!

    May 31, 2000:
future product coming!
We've learned that in July, Keto Brand will be introducing Keto Pasta shells ! This will be lower in carbs and better tasting than any of the current low-carb pastas. And it will be reasonably priced as well (approx $3.99 for 4-servings.) We are really looking forward to it!

    May 30, 2000:
new design!
We've completed a minor redesign of the site to allow for more flexibility and growth. She was surely feeling some growing pains and needed work. This is really just the beginning. Please remember to check in here often! This is where I will post announcements about the site, any events you should know of, and any personal messages I will want to convey to you, the visitor.

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