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          The Attraction Myth by Aaron Gillum

                            "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious."
                                                                      Albert Einstein

When you last heard from me, I was ranting and raving about the depravity of today's entertainment industry and the destruction of the world by today's youth.

Yes, I've become my father.

Regardless, I'd like to continue the theme of fabricated reality by letting the female members of the readership in on a secret the media moguls won't tell you, and most men you come across don't have the nerve to say. Ladies, showing more of your body does not necessarily make you more attractive. Allow me to explain...

There is a common misconception (again, circulated by mass market media) that a woman's desirability is directly proportional to the amount of skin she exposes... that she should wear the least amount of clothing possible with the few parts that must be covered under penalty of law, fighting for freedom against their ultra-sheer, skin tight jailors. I'm here to tell you that this is simply not the case. Of course, a little skin here... a glimpse there... that is sexy. Beyond sexy, it is actually attractive. Push this to the extreme, however, and you are left with a spandex trainwreck. Be it size 2 or size 32, there is no difference. A woman dressing for gross maximum sex appeal most definitely drops a few notches on my scale of attractiveness because of the obvious nature of the act. Believe it or not, most men I talk to agree with me. They can't voice their opinion, no matter how good the intentions, because anything they could say would be heard as an insult. I've made that mistake before and I have the scars to prove it.

Am I old-fashioned? Dry? Reserved? I don't think so, and I'm doubtful that anyone who knows me would call me a person of exceptionally high morals. I'm an all around fairly average guy, who believes himself to be in the majority of the male population. We are the men at the side of the dance floor that you don't understand because we aren't ogling the cleavage popping from your belly button length v-neck or the thong above your low cut capris pants. It doesn't mean you look bad, it doesn't mean we aren't sexually attracted to you, and it certainly doesn't mean we're intimidated. Instead, it means that some of us are not solely driven to pursue the easiest path toward sex. Yes, some of us — I'd dare say most — can sit in the same room as an attractive woman and not slobber on ourselves.

We've grown tired of tube tops and micro-skirts. Television has smothered us with them. Instead, we want sophistication, refinement, and poise. We want beauty; not sex. Sex drips from everything in our world today, and though I'm sure I'll hear no end to the razzing once my friends have read this, I'll say that it has become absolutely boring. Beauty is far, far more sparse and it isn't necessarily attached to a 105 pound frame. It's in the eyes, the posture, the smile...your enthusiasm, happiness, wit, and joy toward life. We want a complete and total woman. This has much less to do with the perfect body than you may think and certainly less than what you've been shown. We want your conversation, opinions, and attention; not a lifesize Barbie doll to roll out for cocktail parties. Put bluntly, we want you and all that you entail. There is no need to filter yourself through a pane of uncomfortable sexuality.

That's not what T.V. tells you, is it? Television shoves you into unflattering clothing designed to attract the very type of men you don't want — the mouth-breathing Neanderthals with one big toe still dipped into the lower primate gene pool. Don't fall for it! Dress exactly the way you want and nothing else. Don't let the thinly disguised advertising agencies sway you otherwise. Nothing is more attractive than a confident woman enjoying herself no matter what her clothing or weight may be. If you allow yourself to be pressured into wearing a glorified majorette uniform and 6 inch stiletto heels, chances are you'll project your insecurities ten feet in front of you, warning away any man worthy of your attention.

If you want to go out and watch heads turn as you enter a room, then by all means knock yourself out. Pour yourself into the latest designer scotch tape/floss ensemble and let 'er rip. Enjoy the attention... There's nothing at all wrong with that, but afterwards please don't complain to your male friends about how every guy you met was a jerk who never made eye contact. I've spoiled that for you because you've just heard what many men have been wanting to say for a long time.

...and thankfully, I'm out of slapping range.


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