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FEBRUARY 27, 2003     PAGE TWO      
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Synergy Diet


                                                     "We look for depth in a well
                                              A pearl in its shell
                                                     A face behind a veil..."

Our thoughts either support or sabotage our efforts to reach our goals. Allowing your mind to dwell on self doubt, insecurities, worries, criticisms, or fears is a destructive investment of your creative imagination. Learning to unleash that negative energy so it can be used for our good is how we make ourselves more happy and successful people.

And it's certainly the way we stay focused on our weight loss and health goals. This past Christmas, a friend gave me a set of posters for my office that contained what you might call "inspirational sayings" ... those things we used to call "positive affirmations" before it became such a well-worn joke that they were too "corny" to talk about.

I thought they were pretty and made bright statements, but as the weeks have gone by, I've come to realize they do more than that... without me even having realized it. When you see positive statements in front of you hour after hour, day after day, it actually begins to sink it and makes a change in the way you think.

My favorite of the posters says:
"The race goes not always to the swift but to those who keep on running."
I love that saying because it reminds me that even in very l-o-n-g stalls, and ups and downs, always staying the course is the way to go!

I hope each one of you find what gives you success, inner peace, and the strength to meet your dreams.


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