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From looking at the lighter side of low carbing, to special features just for your amusement, this page will allow us a little freedom to share a laugh, take a poll, offer something... unexpected.

Fans Outraged at New Character in The Return of the King
By Brian Briggs

Wellington, New Zealand - A recently leaked trailer for The Return of the King has Tolkien fans outraged over the apparent addition of a new character - Jar-Jaromir.

The scene depicted in the trailer shows Jar-Jaromir shouting, "Gondora gonna fallsa";  he then trips over a corpse and knocks down a couple of Uruk-hai.

Producers of The Lord of the Rings trilogy confirmed the addition of the half-brother of Boromir and Faramir.

"While The Two Towers is performing better at the box office than The Fellowship of the Ring, we are worried about a demographic that is skewing much older than desired. More mature fans are very good to have, but it's the younger fans who buy the merchandise. That's really what brings in the bucks on a movie like this," said producer Tim Wilcox.

"People complained a lot about Gimli just being there for comic relief," continued Wilcox. "We answer that criticism by directing the humor through Jar-Jaromir in The Return of the King. There's this funny scene where Jar-Jaromir decides it's best to hand the ring over to Sauron, but then he drops it and kicks it into Mount Doom. Hi-larious."

Purists, miffed by the deviations in The Two Towers, were so enraged by Jar-Jaromir as to be rendered speechless.    
Read the whole story at BBSpot.

Now we are only one issue away from our yearly Valentine's Day Issue, and in our last issue we thought it would be fun to do our own version of 25 Most Beautiful People of 2002. (Actually, we're doing one list for the Guys and one list for the Ladies.) We started the nominations in the last issue and have had a great response! If you haven't yet sent in your nominations, fill in the appropriate form below and get them to us. Remember, you can send in up to 5 names. They should meet the following criteria:
  • Be alive.
  • Be well known and probably come from the world of television or movies, but musical artists, newscasters, those on professional sports teams, etc, will be fine too. (And no, they don't have to be American.)
  • Let's avoid the subjects of politics and religion (because this is a FUN pursuit!)
  • Do your best to spell their name correctly so they get tallied correctly.
The Top 25 Male and Top 25 Female vote getters will be featured here for our Valentine's Day Issue, with some special surprises as well. Voting will close February 6th, 2003.

                                    "For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it.
                                                     For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it.
                                           For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it."
Ivan Panin

Name (optional):
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Your Choices:
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Your Choices:

Thanks for taking the time to participate!   Remember, voting closes February 6th, 2003, and all votes sent within a valid form will be counted. This should be fun!
                                                                              Lora and Richard

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