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JANUARY 25, 2003     PAGE FOUR      
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                  Meet The Merchant

Low Carb Luxury offers a Special Feature called "Meet The Merchant" that allows you, the reader (and shopper) to get a better "look" at the merchants we all deal with. There's a nice "comfort level" that comes with knowing something about the merchant to whom you trust your shopping needs.

This issue features the Low Carb Nexus, and was sent to us by Bill and Belinda Bailey.

                     Low Carb Nexus

                            The Birth of The Low Carb Nexus
                                  "None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm."
                                                                      Henry David Thoreau

Dr. Bill Bailey started a low carb diet after desperately trying low fat dieting, working with a nutritionist, continuous fasting, and many other extreme ways to lose weight. He had been told by his doctor that it was a "life and death" matter for him at 500 lbs. and 72 inches in the waist!

The "last straw" was being diagnosed with Sleep Apnea because his 24 inch neck was cutting off his air supply at night! His wife, Belinda, had read Dr. Atkins' book and encouraged him to try low carbing, as she had. Bill felt that he had "nothing to lose but weight" and gave it a try. The first week he lost 20 lbs.... and since that time has lost over 160 lbs. He feels better than he has in 20 years and is now a "fanatical" supporter of the low carb lifestyle!

"Doing the diet" for he and Belinda led them to experiment with many flours and proteins, as they found Dr. Atkin's Bake Mix unacceptable. So... after much mixing and experimenting, Bake*Lite Flour was born in 1999!

The Low Carb Nexus Since he was a computer systems engineer and web designer, Dr. Bill put up a "quick and dirty" web site, hosted from his home, to sell the flour. One product, sold from their dining room in their house has grown to a full 3600 sq. ft. retail store with hundreds of low carb, sugar free products, and a desire to serve the low carb community!

Now, the web site, running on a web server located at their store, has been re-vamped and includes a user forum, articles, a site search engine and many other features.

The Low Carb Nexus The retail store, advertised locally in the High Point, North Carolina area on TV and radio is constantly busy... as are Bill, Belinda and their staff! They even have Low Carb, Sugar-free Soft Serve Ice Cream... (which local customers say they "can't live without!")

It has been a long, but exciting, road for the Baileys and their staff at the Low Carb Nexus, and they are very serious about their commitment to the community and the support their store offers.

Dr. Bill, who has a Ph.D. in Theology, will finish his second doctorate in Naturopathy later this year. His studies in Natural Health stem directly from his change in lifestyle on the low carb way of life and he is confident that his studies will support his efforts to be a benefit to the low carb community.

The Baileys see a bright future for low carbers, since there is an increasing interest in developing low carb products by food manufacturers... and they will be there to offer the community those products and services!

                  Bill and Belinda Bailey
                  The Low Carb Nexus
                  High Point, North Carolina

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