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    Changing Seasons; Changing Lives by Jo Cordi Sica

                                             "The only way to discover the limits of the possible
                                   is to go beyond them into the impossible."
                                                                              Arthur C. Clark

As Fall slowly settles upon us, the weather turns cooler, the days get shorter, and the leaves turn colors. We head into another period eagerly looking forward to the excitement each new season brings. What better time to reflect on the changes we’ve already made in ourselves and those changes yet to come?

I asked members of the forum to share their thoughts on how they have changed, in ways other than weight loss, as a result of following a low carb lifestyle. Based on those responses, I can attest that LC is clearly a way of life. For many, the low carb journey has led to dramatic transformations in the most unexpected areas. Old habits have been replaced with new and better routines. Self-doubt and guilt have been traded for confidence and pride. Panic and self-loathing have become fearlessness and control. And unfortunately, for some, the changes have been so dramatic that the new person we’ve become no longer fits into old relationships. As is often the case, the good far outweighs the bad and we bravely forge on, convinced that we have found the key to lifelong triumph over the demons of the past.

One of the most astounding changes is how developing control over eating habits has resulted in a sense of control in so may other areas of life. No longer feeling like a failure, we are able to manage other tasks that once seemed daunting. People who lived on fast food are bravely exploring the pleasure of cooking. Others are asserting themselves in relationships, taking pride in their appearance, restoring order in their homes, and committing to regular exercise. The ripple effect seems endless. We are empowered; no longer chained and shackled by self-destructive behavior. Most importantly: there is no turning back.

This newfound empowerment may be difficult for loved ones to deal with. Confidence is attractive; members of the opposite sex begin to take notice and jealousy suddenly becomes an issue in relationships. While the change may be gradual, it reaches a point where the self-reliance becomes obvious and mates may feel threatened by the emergence of a strong and capable individual. The dynamics of the relationship change as the power balance shifts and new boundaries must be established. For countless couples, the end result is positive, they build healthier and more fulfilling relationships. Sadly, a few will find themselves unable to adapt and will eventually move on to new people and situations.

Our own Lora has undergone a major transformation over the last four years. Physically, she is less than one half of the person she once was. Emotionally, she is twice as strong. At the start of her low carb journey, Lora hid her emotions deeply within the safety of her weight. As the layers of fat peeled away, she was forced to deal with who she really was and who she would become. It was and continues to be a both frightening and exciting metamorphosis.

According to Lora, she is still struggling to find out who she really is now. Her old persona of “the fat girl” no longer fits. Her energy has increased so greatly that she not only feels and looks younger, but she is also enjoying activities she missed out on earlier in life. Every new experience is one to be savored. Lora has finally given herself permission to feel what she feels and the sensation is electrifying. Her journey has been long, and at times, tedious. There are days when she is acutely aware of the profound difference she is making in so many people’s lives. Other times, she feels tremendous pressure by virtue of the public nature of her life. For Lora, the struggle continues but each passing day comes a little easier than the last.

Another woman, (who asked that her real name not be used,) admitted that she too had struggled with who she was becoming as the pounds disappeared. Initially, “Annie” was frightened by the exposure that comes with stepping out of her “fat suit.” She had always feared being disliked because of her weight, so she compensated by doing everything within her power to make others happy. Annie spent so much time taking care of others that she completely neglected herself. Taking control of her diet gave her back her self-respect. This ultimately led to taking pride in her appearance. She began dressing better, wearing makeup, styling her hair; things she had long since neglected. Annie even became more assertive with her family and friends; insisting that her needs also be met.

While this initially created some challenges with her husband, she admits that in the end their relationship is better than ever. Annie also shared that many of her friendships have changed. There were people who took advantage of her giving nature; she no longer associates with them. Happily, her self-confidence has given her the courage to meet and get to know new people that add another positive dimension to her life.

These women remind me of a beautiful butterfly emerging from the safety of a cocoon; a creature whose physical beauty was there all along, but hidden from the world. As the butterfly ascends, she realizes that the world looks very different than it once did. Her newly developed wings carry her to places she never imagined. One of the greatest challenges is learning how to be a butterfly. Life as a caterpillar was predictable and safe; life as a butterfly is new and brings the fear of the unknown. As a butterfly, there is no choice; flying is what she was created to do. In time, the others will fly too, but possibly, in their own direction.

The readers and forum members are much the same. We are all in different places, and in different stages of our journey; learning and growing together. As the seasons continue to change, so shall we. In the end, we may head in different directions, but we will all be enriched by having known each other, if even for a time.

                  Jo Cordi Sica, SPHR
                  Organizational Development and Training

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