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                  The Journey: A Poem

                       "There is no bigger obstacle than those in our own minds."
                                                                      A.M. Dungan

Amy Dungan, one of our talented moderators at Talking Low Carb (our Low Carb Luxury Discussion Forums), has written a poem about that journey that is all too familiar to all of us. At a time when many challenges filled her days, she felt inspired to share where this path took her. I hope it lifts each of you, as it did me.

There is a secret world

few people know about,

where fears run wild and free

in endless fields of doubt.

You can see the Mt. of Hope

far off in the distance.

But the only way to get there

is the pathway called persistence.

You see their peaks glistening

in the golden rays of sun.

You keep your eyes focused,

your journey has begun.

Though many times you stumble

and the road gets rough and steep,

the importance of this journey

keeps you on your feet.

So at the base of Mt. Hope

you find yourself at last!

The doubts and fears behind you,

the battles in the past.

As you step foot on that mountain;

all worries left behind,

you've successfully made the journey

through a place we call..

the mind.

Copyright 2003 A.M. Dungan

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