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Volume III / Number 13: July 12, 2002: Page 3
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      Advice Lady         

A well-known low-carber in the community answers your questions about everything from nutrition to family issues, stress, and heck — even your love life. She's been the "go to gal" for awhile now when people need a little advice. And who is she? Well, we're not telling. She remains anonymous so that she can better give very frank advice. She doesn't pull any punches. You can remain anonymous too if you want — Just think "Dear Abby" — you know, signing off like "Harried in the Workplace" or "Desperate for Carbs in Detroit". Send in your question to The Advice Lady at

Dear Advice Lady,

I am about to begin low carbing (have the date circled on the calendar and everything!) I'm one of those people that get completely prepared for something before jumping in.

My question is this — what about fiber? Looking over the foods I'll be allowed, am I seeing enough fiber in my diet to keep me healthy? (And, ahem... regular?)

Fiberless Fran (cute, huh) :)

Dear Fran,

To start, I want to congratulate you on two things — first, I applaud you for not leaping into anything unprepared. The more prepared with knowledge, planning, and food choices, the greater the success a new low carber will have. And second, of course, I congratulate you on making the smart decision to begin a low carb lifestyle. You don't say how much weight you want to lose, or if you are making the move for health reasons, but no matter which, it's a very smart choice and a lifelong way of eating, rather than a "diet".

Now, as for fiber, it's true that in the first two to three weeks of most low carb programs (certainly with Atkins induction), you won't be naturally eating enough fiber. But it's only for that short period, and you can fix it rather easily.

A tablespoon or two of psyllium husks, wheat bran, or ground flaxseed will more than meet your fiber requirements during this time. Remember, they are nearly pure fiber, and fiber is something you won't need to count as a carbohydrate.

Bran Muffins Why? In most cases, the fiber will not interfere with weight loss because it does not impact upon blood sugar levels. It's why you see recipes and products that say "Net Carbs" or "Effective Carbs" (or even "Bioavailable Carbs".) These phrases all mean that the fiber in those items (legally counted by weight as a carbohydrate since fiber is found in plant-based foods) has been deducted from the total carbohydrates to net the number of grams that actually must be tallied up in your daily count.

Once you're past the induction phase of your diet, you'll be adding in additional veggies, nuts, seeds, and berries (as well as some whole grains — the same flax, bran, etc you just used in induction, which make amazing bran and flax muffins!), and you'll be getting plenty of fiber. In fact, most Atkins dieters eat far MORE fiber than those eating the standard American diet (of white bread, sugar, and processed foods.)

                                                                             The Advice Lady

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