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Volume III / Number 05: March 15, 2002: Page 3
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      Advice Lady         

A well-known low-carber in the community answers your questions about everything from nutrition to family issues, stress, and heck — even your love life. She's been the "go to gal" for awhile now when people need a little advice. And who is she? Well, we're not telling. She remains anonymous so that she can better give very frank advice. She doesn't pull any punches. You can remain anonymous too if you want — Just think "Dear Abby" — you know, signing off like "Harried in the Workplace" or "Desperate for Carbs in Detroit". Send in your question to The Advice Lady at

                                         A Love of Popcorn...

Dear Advice Lady,

I absolutely LOVE popcorn. Is there any way to eat this and still be low carb?


      Judy The Popcorn Lover

Dear Popcorn Lover —

Popcorn Popcorn is one of my all-time favorite snack foods as well. At first glance, it might seem that it's not terribly high in carbohydrate — one cup of popped corn is only 6 grams of carbohydrate. Sounds okay, so far, but let's look a little closer.

First, try taking a cup measure and "filling" it with popped corn. You'll see that surprisingly little fits in a cup... it's just a bit more than a big handful. I don't think I've ever seen a soul who loves popcorn that can eat just a handful. A "serving" (which is still small) according to most popcorn brands is three to four times that much — or 18 to 25 carbs. This assumes you'll be fine with about 4 handfuls. Maybe you can stop there. And let's say for argument's sake, you can...

Now you're giving 18 to 25 carbs for a single snack when many low carbers eat between 20 and 35 carbs each day in total. But again, let's say you love popcorn so much that you are willing to have very few other carbs the rest of the day so you can have it.  Other than the fact you'll be missing out on variety and nutrition elsewhere in your diet from added veggies, dairy, etc, is there anything else that would keep you from digging in to those hot buttery kernels?   Sure... it's high glycemic.  That means a serving of popcorn will assuredly affect your insulin levels and stop or slow weight loss. And it kicks off cravings for other carbs.

So for me, as much as I may love popcorn — and I do — I can't eat just one cup and that means it's likely that I would blow the diet in one sitting!   Would you?

An interesting fact we've found is that the single "carby" food you most love, most crave, and most fight to find a way to still have, is the one you most need to avoid. It's a food that controls you, rather than you controlling it. In other words, it's your kryptonite. (Richard did an article in a past issue about "Identifying Your Kryptonite"... read it here.)

                                                                             The Advice Lady

                 Just a Spoonful of Sugar helps the Vitamins go down—

Vitamins Dear Advice Lady,

Is it okay to have a multi-vitamin which contains sucrose while doing the low carb way of life?



Dear Wondering,

NO. Sucrose is just another word for plain old sugar. You'll want to look for a multi-vitamin that says on the label that it contains no starch, no fillers, and no sugar. I prefer an Antioxidant Formula and use One-A-Day Antioxidant, but there are other major brands (like Theragran-m) which contain no sugar. Just be a label reader. And if you want to be sure it's formulated best for a low carber, go for the Life Services (the Keto people) Supplements or Atkins brand multi-vitamins. It's a small amount, but why add extra carbs and sugars to your diet just by way of your daily vitamin(s)? Look for other necessary supplements that contain no sugar as well... try Vitamin World, GNC, or Sundown brands.

                                                                             The Advice Lady

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