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Volume III / Number 01: January 11, 2002: Page 4
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      Cooking TLC with Karen Rysavy
Lunching Low Carb

Last time I gave you breakfast recipes, so in this first newsletter of the New Year I thought I would tackle lunch.

I get lots of letters from working people telling me that lunch is their biggest problem. Until you really get into the swing of this low carb thing, it may be helpful for you to "brown bag" it with an insulated lunch box or bag. And just think — in the time you save not having to wait for a waitress to bring you your lunch, you could squeeze in a brisk walk!

Now, if you have a microwave available, leftovers are always a great idea. It cleans out the fridge at home and gives you variety at work. If not, chef salads are always tasty — you just have to be disciplined enough to MAKE THEM in the morning! If you're not, you can always run to the local salad bar at lunchtime but it's best to bring your own dressing, at least. Not only will it save you a ton of money (most take-and-go salad bars charge by the pound, and dressings are much heavier than most veggies!) but you're guaranteed to like the dressing you use, and to know exactly what is in it. Just squirt some into a plastic zip type bag and snip the corner off when you're ready. It'll last fine for part of a day at room temperature.

My favorite way to add interest to a salad is to take some chicken strips (these can be the pre-cooked ones, or you can use any kind of raw or cooked meat that you want, even shrimp!) and throw them in a very hot non-stick pan with some onion and pepper strips (a little oil too, if starting with raw). When the meat is cooked through and crispy and the vegetables are tender-crisp, throw some flavoring on it all in the way of either a hot sauce like Tabasco®, or use "wing" sauce, Worchestershire, etc. Shake the pan gently to burn the sauce on all over the surface of the meat, (hold your breath if using anything hot!) and then add some cheese. When it melts, you can either slide it all onto a bed of lettuce and eat it right then, or else cool it and eat it on a cold salad later. If you have this type of meat ready to go in your fridge, you can always grab your favorite dressing and some pre-made meat in the morning and then buy your washed ready-to-eat lettuce at lunchtime for mere pennies.

Hey, with all the money you're saving on lunches now, you can run out and buy yourself a weight bench or a stairmonster! wink

Fajita Salad My favorite salad of this type consists of the frozen Tyson® precooked chicken strips that I get at Sam's Club, a really hot Bermudan sauce made from scotch bonnet peppers (it's called Spitfire), onions, red peppers, and cheddar jack, topped with sour cream and TLC Picante sauce (I call it a Fajita Salad, even my kids love it, and we eat it at least once a week). But how about making one with wing sauce-seasoned chicken or steak strips topped with bleu cheese? Spicy marinated pork strips topped with TLC Sweet Hot Mustard Sauce? A Philly Cheese Steak combo topped with Ranch?

I have prepared a printable recipe card with the recipe for my Fajita Salad variation. I left the hot sauce off the calorie/nutrition count, because they can vary so much, so adjust the count as needed depending on what you use (they don't usually have any carbs to speak of). This is a huge salad and it makes a fine lunch or dinner.

If you like this recipe idea, you'll LOVE my cookbook! You can buy an autographed copy direct from me while you are checking out the many other free sample recipes and low carb tips posted at


Happy New Year from your friends at The Low Carb Dieter’s Page! These are exciting times for the low carb industry!

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                                              Brett and Wanda
              Designed with the practical low carb dieter in mind!

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