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          Time: A Different Perspective by Aaron Gillum

Aaron Gillum's views of society, tempered with a quick wit and an acerbic writing style, make his columns both fun, and unique. With each issue, Aaron offers a fresh perspective into the catalysts that drive society; weaving these observations into refreshing, provocative pieces.

                                          "We barely have time to react in this world,
                                                        let alone rehearse,"
                                                                      Ani Difranco

By the time you've arrived at my little corner of this magazine, I'm sure you've noted the common thread running throughout. As I write this, I haven't yet read the articles that will precede mine, but I'd guess them to be filled with lots of practical advice for not wasting any of the precious little time we've been given in life.

You won’t find any more of that advice here with me today. I'm the devil on your shoulder.

Remember those childhood summers when the first three weeks of June lasted for an eternity while the last week of August went by in a heartbeat? There was no fiscal quarter... no Tuesdays... no weeks. It was simply "Summer"… and that was enough.

We didn't need to note the passage of time any more precisely than could be determined by the growth of the lawn. In those days, the year was broken into three equal parts built around their importance, without any real regard for the linear seconds dripping from the clock face.

There was The School Year, Summer Break, and Christmas. Logically, I know that the nine month school year is longer than the month of December, but it sure never felt like it. The approaching 25th day seemed to warp the passage of time like a massive black hole. Inside each of these bracketed blocks, I never felt time moving past me at all. Summer was summer. School was school, and inside of each, they seemed eternal.

Today, I don't wear a watch. I don't have a working clock in my entire apartment other than the built-in clock on my computer. I don't go to weekly staff meetings, nor analyze my portfolio at the end of the month. Some days I have work, others I do not. I'm usually late for appointments. I have to check the calendar at times to see what day of the month (or even week) it is. If not for the parade of new sports uniforms across ESPN, there is little in my life to mark the passage of time. In fact, my friends reminded me of my birthday this year before I had even thought of it. I simply don't have a regimented schedule for most things in my life, and therefore I'm able to push it out of my head. It's quite nice, actually. I wish you all could do the same.

I like these large, frozen chunks of time... and to the detriment of my adult success, I don't think I'll ever completely let them go. I believe that I still live within time like a child, rather than around it like an adult. Perhaps the acceptance of time as taskmaster is what marks the end of childhood. And if indeed that is the case, I'll be dragged into adulthood — kicking and screaming the entire way.

Now I would never suggest that everyone become as irresponsible with their time as I am. But I wonder how many could benefit from allowing themselves to slip just a bit in my direction?

The American culture presses us to keep going and to not "waste" our time, but I take offense at that word: Waste.

Is it a waste to spend a lazy afternoon reading? To pause on your way to work to stop... just stop... and feel the sun? Of course it isn't.

Ask yourself what is the whole point of working in the first place? Is it not to provide for yourself and your family a lifestyle of less work and more time? Time that is best used to ponder the truly important aspects of life?

I don't claim to know the meaning of life, but I am quite confident it has nothing to do with sitting in a room full of fluorescent lighting and recycled air. Somehow we've added a bit of shame to the idea that we are allowed to enjoy our lives.

In my opinion, far too many would choose a 100-hour work week / $200,000 salary over a 20-hour work week / $75,000 salary.

When did leisure become a dirty word?

When did the 40-hour work week become the goal and not the means?

I will never allow the work itself be the sole reason for getting up each morning.

The paycheck is in fact, nothing more than a tool that allows me all the important things in life — the experiences of travel, close friendships, family, great conversation, enticing food, and every other moment that makes up the parts of our lives that we actually enjoy... those little gems that reduce our stress and make us glad to be alive.

Some will call me lazy... others unmotivated. Feel free… but know this: A few decades from now, I'll be sitting and sharing tales from my life that I wouldn't dream of trading for a few extra dollars in my 401k.

Can you say the same?

Copyright © September 2003  Aaron Gillum and Low Carb Luxury

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