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Keto Spaghetti



We hate to begin our Easter Issue with sad news, but for those of you who have not seen the reports, the prognosis for our hero, Dr. Robert Atkins, does not look good. Here's the news report as of today's publication:

Dr. Robert C. Atkins In Very Critical Condition After Accident
New York, NY, April 11, 2003—As of today, we are saddened to report that Dr. Robert C. Atkins remains gravely ill. He is in a coma and on life support. His physician reports that Dr. Atkins' chances of a meaningful recovery are slim. Nonetheless, we are hoping for a miracle and every measure possible is being considered to save his life.

As many of you already know, early Tuesday morning April 8th, on his daily walk to work, Dr. Atkins fell on the sidewalk outside his office and suffered injuries to his head. The dramatic snowstorm that hit New York City the day before along with the unusually cold temperatures left streets and sidewalks slippery. Dr. Keith Berkowitz, his colleague at The Atkins Center, was arriving at work at the same time and was able to rush Dr. Atkins to Cornell University Medical Center. Dr. Atkins suffered severe head trauma and required surgery.

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      "The greatest masterpieces were once only pigments on a palette." — Henry S. Hoskins

Product Of The Month
Our product review team features two (2) "Products Of The Month" one in each issue of
our magazine. These products will be the group consensus of those we find to be the
most innovative, healthy, tasty, and/or helpful to the low-carber's daily dietary regime.

The issue of sugar alcohols is sometimes not a very clear-cut one. Some people handle them better than others. Some are more sensitive to their "laxative effects", and others are more sensitive to them metabolically. But one particular polyol really stands out as an exceptional sugar substitute. It's called
Erythritol, and unlike most other sugar alcohols, it is well tolerated and does not produce gastro-intestinal problems.

You can mix erythritol with high intensity sweeteners (sucralose, etc.) It seems that only TINY amounts of sucralose, aspartame, or acesulfame-K are necessary to boost the sweetness intensity of erythritol by about 30%! And it cooks and behaves like regular table sugar, allowing you to make candies, and more. Yes, it will caramelize, too. All of this means that Erythritol represents a very significant advance in the polyol sweetener sector.

Erythritol is a natural constituent of a wide variety of foods such as grapes, melons, pears and fermented foods and can also be found in the tissues and body fluids of humans and animals. A relative newcomer to the United States, erythritol has been sold in Japan since 1989 and used primarily in beverages, but also in candies, chocolates, chewing gum, yogurt, fillings and coatings in cookies, jellies, jams and as a sugar substitute. The FDA granted GRAS status to erythritol in 1997, and approvals are currently pending in Canada and Australia.

For those of you (techies) who care about such things, Erythritol is a linear four-carbon sugar alcohol, polyhydric alcohol or polyol. Erythritol has an excellent safety profile and good digestive tolerance, even at the highest anticipated use levels. And its molecular formula is: C4 H10 O4.

We can't imagine not having it in our kitchens! It comes in 16-oz. containers (both in regular granulated, and in super fine) from The Low Carb Chef, and you can purchase it online from The Low Carb Dieter's Page.

Low Carb Connoisseur
Introducing New Cavalier Sugar Free Belgian Chocolates!
Cavalier Sugar Free Belgian Chocolates
Low Carb Connoisseur is proud to introduce a new line of fine quality, sugar free Belgian chocolates by Cavalier Chocolatiers.

Cavalier Solid Dark Bar.
This large 1.55 oz bar has only one effective carb and is the most delicious dark chocolate bar we have tasted. As in all Cavalier products — the sugar is replaced with the sweetener Maltitol.

Cavalier does not contain artificial sweeteners — no artificial colors and no preservatives. DELICIOUS!

Woodies Belgian Chocolate SticksWoodies Belgian Chocolate Sticks
— a crispy hazelnut wafer inside combined with soft hazelnut cream. Perfect for a mid morning snack or when you just need a little something sweet. 2 effective carbs per stick!

Don't forget - One week left to order a special sugar free Easter Basket!

Happy Easter from Low Carb Connoisseur!

Low Carb Connoisseur — we put the Dash in!


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