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  City:   Arlington

Restaurant: Saltgrass Steak House
Location: 1051 Interstate 20 W

Menu Items Recommended: Gulf Coast steak and shrimp.

Comments: Most selections are naturally low-carb and uniquely good.

Submission by: (withheld)

Restaurant: Ba Le Restaurant
Location: New York Avenue

Menu Items Recommended: All Pho (beef noodle soups) can be had without noodles.

Comments: Very rich, flavorful broth, very tender meats, lots of combinations.

Submission by: Robin

Restaurant: Golden Corral Buffet
Location: South Cooper Street

Menu Items Recommended: Pick-and-Choose Buffet.

Comments: Because you make your own choices, this is as low carb or high carb as you want it to be.

Submission by: Robin

Restaurant: Ton's Mongolian Grill
Location: 5904 South Cooper Street

Menu Items Recommended: This is a raw food buffet, mainly meat (chicken, beef, lamb, shrimp, fish, and surimi) and veggies (bell pepper, cabbage, onions, etc). They also have tofu available. Noodles and rice are optional, so skip them. Choose your ingredients, mix your sauce from the choices on the last bar, then take your food to the chef for cooking.

Comments: It's all you care to eat; dinner and entertainment!

Submission by: Robin

  City:   Austin

Restaurant: Fuddrucker's
Locations: 2700 W. Anderson Lane #101; 4024 S Lamar Blvd; 6607 N I H 35

Menu Items Recommended: All sandwiches without the bread. The "fixin's" bar is great for your side salad. They offer a great jalapeno cheese sauce.

Comments: It's easy to low carb with their chicken, hamburgers and caesar salads.

Submission by: J. Ricard

Restaurant: Texas Land & Cattle Steak House
Locations: 6007 N IH 35 and 1101 S. Mo-Pac

Menu Items Recommended: Wide variety of steak options; salmon and other seafoods; spinach or broccoli; spicy Caesar salad, which is great. Will substitute if asked.

Comments: The prices are very reasonable and we particularly love the smoked sirloin, which is aged beef with a black pepper edge to it. Very good.

Submission by: (withheld)

Restaurant: Grady's American Grill
Location: 10225 Research Blvd.

Menu Items Recommended: Filet, salmon, pork chops, seasonal veggies, green beans, broccoli, Caesar salad.

Comments: They will permit substitutions for potatoes or rice and their filets are very good.

Submission by: (withheld)

Restaurant: Outback Steakhouse
Locations: 713 E Huntland Dr and 11600 Research Blvd

Menu Items Recommended: All their steaks, of course, but I really like their salmon.

Comments: Ask for their steamed vegetables (delicious) in place of the potatoes.

Submission by: Miguel Corazao

Restaurant: Twin Dragon
Location: 9717 N Lamar Blvd # B6

Menu Items Recommended: Canh Chua Tom Ka is a HUGE bowl of tasty soup made with catfish, tomatoes, bean sprouts, peppers, shrimp and a TEENY bit of pineapple (just don't eat the pineapple).

Comments: Hot, tart, sweet and very filling. Skip the rice!

Submission by: Kristin

Restaurant: Quizno's
Locations: 110 N I H 35, 6406 N I H 35 # 2510, 9003 Waterford Centre Blvd, 11011 Research Blvd, and others

Menu Items Recommended: Any sub, turned into a salad..try turning the cheesesteak sub (cut the onions) or your favorite flavors into a salad. Most will do it for you if you ask.

Comments: Inexpensive and quick.

Submission by: Kristin

Restaurant: Pavarotti Italian Restaurant
Location: 3300 W Anderson Ln #303

Menu Items Recommended: Unbreaded veal or chicken, cream sauces, salads... nice quality.

Comments: Expect to pay $11-$20 a person for the meal, not counting any wine purchased.

Submission by: Kristin

Restaurant: Mr. Gatti's Pizza
Locations: 825 E Rundberg Ln #2, 503 W Martin Luther King, 2614 S Lamar Blvd, and others

Menu Items Recommended: Pizza Buffet is cheap and quick, if you can get past the concept of stripping tons of toppings and leaving the crust... but no-one has had any problems with it thus far. Eating their sauce has not been a ketosis problem at all, so its pretty safe and fun to enjoy the different flavors.

Comments: They'll also make any type you like when you order. With a big salad (they use 'real' Ranch dressing, not bottled) and a Diet soda, you're all set, for about $5!

Submission by: Kristin

Restaurant: Hill Country Pasta House
Location: 3519 Ranch Road 620 N

Menu Items Recommended: I ordered chicken marsala, which normally comes with pasta and grilled veggies - they were willing to sub sauteed fresh mushrooms for the pasta for the asking (they're not on the menu.)

Comments: With a salad for a starter, and a single glass of wine (I recommend the Castella Della Salla Chardonnay) very tasty and filling. Resist the bread!

Submission by: Kristin

Restaurant: Jardin Corona Mexican Food
Location: 13233 Pond Springs Rd #301

Menu Items Recommended: I have ordered the Carne Asada Gratinada(fajita steak covered with Monterey Jack, onions, bell pepper and mushrooms), and though it normally comes with beans and rice along with the 'green fixins' (pico, guac, sour cream), they were willing to replace beans AND rice with more guac at no charge (which I have discovered is rare.)

Comments: No problems with this one!

Submission by: Kristin

  City:   Houston

Restaurant: Fuddrucker's
Locations: 11950 Kurland Dr; 403 Greens Rd; 3100 Chimney Rock Rd; and 9 other locations in Houston

Menu Items Recommended: Grilled chicken salads; FuddBurgers.

Comments: They are happy to serve their great burgers minus the bun. They have a condiment bar, including cheeses!

Submission by: Nikki (

Restaurant: Chacho's
Location: 6006 Westheimer Rd

Menu Items Recommended: Protein Nachos, and the Three Meat Platter.

Comments: Chacho's is a "fast food" mexican resturant but the food is good and they have about 4 or 5 Low Carb choices on the menu. I have tried the two noted and enjoyed both a great deal.

Submission by: Sharon Perez (

Restaurant: King Fish Market
Location: 6356 Richmond Avenue

Menu Items Recommended: Grilled Tuna Salad.

Comments: They'll pretty much do anything you like without starch. They are good about substituting vegetables for rice or potatoes.

Submission by: Nikki (

Restaurant: Miyako Japanese Restaurant
Locations: 3910 Kirby Dr # 8; 910 Travis Street; 6345 Westheimer Road

Menu Items Recommended: Sashimi and a long list of unusual appetizers and small plates, including a smoked-salmon cocktail served to look like sashimi.

Comments: Delicious fresh seafoods!

Submission by: multiple submissions

Restaurant: George's Pastaria
Location: 7609 Westheimer Rd

Menu Items Recommended: Grilled Salmon Salad.

Comments: Excellent food at reasonable prices. Also, they offer a heart healthy menu on which they will substitute fresh veggies for the starch.

Submission by: Nikki (

Restaurant: Taste of Texas
Location: 10505 Katy Freeway

Menu Items Recommended: Steakhouse, fish, chicken, all meats. Salad bar, lots of veggie choices!

Comments: They even have berries for dessert!

Submission by: Kathy

Restaurant: Ryan's Family Steakhouse
Locations: 1111 Dairy Ashford St; 7211 Highway 6 S; 5601 W 34th St

Menu Items Recommended: All you can eat roast beef, steak, ham, grilled AND baked chicken which is wonderful! Salads - including ceasar salad. Ranch and blue cheese dressing, or if you prefer oil and vinegar. For dessert, sugar free jello.

Comments: Best thing about it is you can serve yourself anything you want!

Submission by: Laura

Restaurant: Stables Steak House
Locations: 3734 Westheimer Rd. and 7325 Main St.

Menu Items Recommended: Unlike many restaurants, this old-school steakhouse serves not just bread but tasty cheese spread and celery sticks before the meal (which helps me resist the bread!) I had a great filet mignon with green beans and a cup of their wonderful sauteed mushrooms (in a cup with broth) on the side.

Comments: Excellent food!

Submission by: Kristin

  City:   San Marcos

Restaurant: Mamacita's
Location: 1400 Aquarena Springs Dr

Menu Items Recommended: Fajitas (beef or chicken) and Caesar salad.

Comments: They will allow omission of rice and beans, substituting guacamole. Leave off the tortillas, and you have the sour cream, lettuce, tomato, and cheese left!

Submission by: Tom Gallaway

  City:   San Antonio

Restaurant: Logan's Roadhouse
Location: 12477 IH-10 West

Menu Items Recommended: Club salad, T-Bone Salad, Mesquite grilled chicken salad, Mesquite grilled pork chops, and every kind of steak imaginable.

Comments: Amazing salads! Try them with their House Dressing and a tall glass of unsweetened ice tea! A great meal and very filling!

Submission by: Multiple submissions: Mariana and Sandy

Restaurant: Aldo's Marina
Location: Crossroads Mall

Menu Items Recommended: Fish & Seafood, veggies..

Comments: Like all the restaurants owned by Aldo and his family in San Antonio, this is a high-quality restaurant at a fair price. Everything they serve is fresh and delicious, the service top-notch, and the atmosphere lovely. I had a Salmon dish in a Dijon sauce, and it was heavenly.

Submission by: Laurie

Restaurant: Aldino's Italiano Cucina
Location: Central Park Mall

Menu Items Recommended: Gorgonzola Chicken

Comments: As expected with an Italian restaurant, there's not much for a Low-Carb dieter to choose from at Aldino's, but what they do have is fabulous. Although the mall it's attached to is an eyesore, Aldino's is beautiful inside, the prices are surprisingly reasonable, and the service is gracious. Recommend the feathery-light angel-hair pasta, tossed in garlic and either butter or olive oil to any fellow diners who aren't low-carbers. This dish came as a side with my dinner, but my son and husband split it. From the expressions on their faces when they tasted it, I thought they'd died and gone to heaven.

Submission by: Laurie

Restaurant: Whataburger
Location: 281 North & 1604 and other locations all over town.

Menu Items Recommended: Grilled Chicken entrees, Garden Salad, breakfast entrees, Double Whataburger with Cheese & Bacon.

Comments: Most Whataburgers are very accomodating to customers. If you don't want carrots on a salad, they'll take them off — or make a new salad from scratch, just for you. Some of their salad dressings aren't all that great, but when worst comes to worst, I tell them to give me lots of mustard and mayonnaise on the side, combine those with some pepper, and serve it over my salad (try it sometime!) If you want extra eggs, an extra strip of bacon or an extra sausage patty with your breakfast meal rather than hash browns, they'll give it to you, often without charging anything extra (depends on location.) With the Grilled Chicken Sandwich and the Burgers, I simply take everything off the bun and eat the meat and veggies.

Submission by: Laurie

Restaurant: Luby's Cafeteria
Location: Locations all over town.

Menu Items Recommended: Roast Beef, Chopped Steak, veggies, salads, sugar-free Jello.

Comments: At Luby's, you never know what you might find. Each food section has a few permanent listings; the majority of remaining selections seem random, and can vary widely from one location to another. At the downtown location on Main St., I had the best green beans I've ever eaten at a Luby's — obviously fresh from their bright green color, and cooked with sauteed onions and bacon. Delicious! Whatever the location, you can bet that they'll have more than one thing to choose from as a low-carb dieter, and at a price sure to be easy on the pocketbook.

Submission by: Laurie

Restaurant: Texas Land & Cattle Company
Location: IH 10 W, Airport, & Riverwalk.

Menu Items Recommended: Steaks and veggies and more.

Comments: A moderate-priced steak house with friendly — if harried — service in a decidedly Texan atmosphere. Special recommendations: The sirloin pepper steak is one of the great steaks in town, and best served medium-rare.

Submission by: Laurie

Restaurant: Saltgrass Steak House
Location: IH 10 W, 281 North.

Menu Items Recommended: Steaks, seafood, salad, spinach & artichoke dip and more.

Comments: For the price, one of the best steak houses in San Antonio. The selection of side veggies is pretty good, but seasonal. The Grilled Veggies are top notch and fresh, and special requests are gladly accepted.

Submission by: Laurie

Restaurant: Ruth's Chris Steak House
Location: Concord Plaza & Sunset Station.

Menu Items Recommended: Steaks, Lamb, Seafood, Fish and more.

Comments: A Low Carb paradise and an anniversary must. The steaks here are unbelievable, and the spinach salad with warm bacon dressing is a fantastic appetizer, as is the shrimp remoulade. The decaf coffee is served in a French press and is the best cup of coffee in town. The service is to die for — you will be pampered and babied here like nowhere else in San Antonio. Plan on taking approximately 2 hours for a dinner and spending around $150 for two, with taxes and tip. Expect to pay more if drinking alcohol. A steep tab, I know, but it's worth every penny.

Submission by: Laurie

Restaurant: Lulu's Jailhouse Cafe
Location: 1126 West Commerce

Menu Items Recommended: Lulu's is famous for huge chicken fried steaks & gravy, but they also have marinated chicken breasts & burgers that they will serve without the bun. The double meat, double cheese with bacon, grilled onions and guacamole is sinful - and enough for two!

Comments: They will substitute any starch with grilled or steamed veggies. Super, friendly people will help in any way they can.

Submission by: Cissy Thorpe

Restaurant: Marthas Mexican Cafe
Location: 5822 Bacock & 818 NE Loop 410

Menu Items Recommended: Chicken Poblano Plate! It consists of a chicken breast topped with melted monterry cheese, grilled onions and green chile.

Comments: The sides of rice and beans can be replaced with guacamole salad at no extra charge. Great meal & service.

Submission by: Mariana

  City:   Sugar Land

Restaurant: Texas Chicken Rotisserie
Location: 15267 Southwest Freeway

Menu Items Recommended: Rotisserie chicken and whole array of low carb veggies.

Comments: Great choice for fast and inexpensive protein. I enjoy the chicken (available as breast/wing quarter, thigh/leg quarter, or 1/2 chicken). I have been eating at this restaurant for several years and have always found the chicken to be moist and succulent. And unlike fast food restaurants, they also offer a wide seledtion of freshly cooked (low-carb) vegetables. Selections normally include squash medley, broccoli, green beans, spinach, etc. The regular menu also includes chicken salad (fresh greens served with chicken on top). I first learned about this place when they catered an event for me in conjunction with my work. The food, the price, and the service were excellent.

Submission by: Mary Heinking

Restaurant: Panda Garden
Location: 1043 Eldridge Road

Menu Items Recommended: Kung Pao chicken; Hot and sour soup.

Comments: I really love Chinese food, especially when someone else does the preparation, cooking, and clean up. I have found that the Panda Garden offers fairly inexpensive and quick options for a low carb dieter. My favorite lunch is hot and sour soup with Kung Pao Chicken (omitting the complimentary rice and appetizer). The Panda Garden offers many other protein and vegetable combinations as well and don't seem to add any sugar to the spicy dishes. Ask first to see if the meat is breaded. Come early if you want to enjoy the lunch specials as the restaurant fills up quickly. Note: I haven't tried their other restaurant on Highway 6, but it is not as highly regarded by people I work with.

Submission by: Mary Heinking

  City:   Addison

Restaurant: Fogo De Chao Churrascari
Locations: 4300 Belt Line Rd and 15036 Beltway Dr

Menu Items Recommended: Brazilian salad bar and choice of meat.

Comments: The meat is brought out by servers and it is non-stop! Definitely high protein, just stay away from the mashed potatoes and rolls. Fun too!

Submission by: (withheld)

  City:   Euless

Restaurant: North Main Bar-B-Q
Location: 406 N Main Street

Menu Items Recommended: For $10 it is an all you can eat BBQ haven!

Comments: Just skip the potato salad and slaw and enjoy all the meats!

Submission by: Jennifer

  City:   Stafford

Restaurant: C&H Steak House
Location: 12000 Southwest Freeway

Menu Items Recommended: Filet Mignon, Broccoli, asparagus!

Comments: My favorite steak restaurant. On on the pricey side (entrees with a salad run $20 to $30 each or comparable to Ruth Chris' steak houses). I eat at C&H when I want a low carb treat. My favorite meal is the filet mignon. It comes with a wedge of iceberg lettuce, chopped tomatoes, and chives. My husband prefers the blue cheese dresssing (complete with crumbles), while I love their thousand island dressing (higher in carbs, but very tasty). We usually split an order of the fresh broccoli or asparagus. The rib eye steak and prime rib are also great. Their homemade bread is excellent, but no longer part of my way of eating. The dessert menu includes a selection of very fresh berries. Extensive wine list. Children's menu.

Submission by: Mary Heinking

  City:   Grand Prairie

Restaurant: Texas Roadhouse Restaurant
Location: 2536 W Interstate 20

Menu Items Recommended: Awesome steaks, great house salad and Cesear salads!

Comments: They have the best green beans in the state!

Submission by: Debikins

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