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Splenda Hits the Shelves!

The wait is over... Splenda debuts on grocery shelves!

Splenda Box Throughout most of the country, Splenda has begun appearing on grocer's shelves (yep right there next to the aspartame and the saccharin.) Some months ago, someone forwarded me a press release from McNeil Specialty Products Company (the makers of Splenda) that they expected to have Splenda on the shelves in America by the end of August, 2000. It appears they've done it.

With a spiffy new logo and bright sunny box, it's finally easily available to U.S. consumers who until now usually had to order from the company directly, order from an online merchant, or make a trip to Canada to purchase (where it's been shelf-available for a number of years now.) In both granular (pourable, measure-for-measure) form and in packets (now 200-count), it's going to be a lot easier to avoid running out or over paying for this versatile sweetener.

Will restaurants follow suit?
Splenda Packets We sure hope so. But remember, these things don't happen quickly. Expect mainstream markets to wait for the public's reaction. They'll watch the sales figures and market trends. There will be the inevitable wait for the general public to catch on and accept Splenda. While most of you reading this have known about and used Splenda for some time now, the average grocery shopper will now be seeing it for the first time. But if you think back, you probably recall it was once that way with NutraSweet — it took a long time before the blue packets began to be offered along side the pink packets. Now it's time to work toward the acceptance of those sunny little yellow packets !

Splenda Granular Box At present, Splenda comes in the following sizes and varieties:
200-Count Individual Serving Packets (7 oz)
100-Count Individual Serving Packets (3.5 oz)
50-Count Individual Serving Packets (1.75 oz)
Granular Sugar Substitute for Baking (1.90 oz)
Granular Sugar Substitute for Baking (3.80 oz)

How can you help?
Well, keep buying Splenda. When dining out, bring the packets with you and call them to the attention of the waitress or manager and ask them to look into providing them. If the restaurant supply houses get enough restaurants interested in them or asking about them, it can go a long way toward making that little yellow packet a common item at the table. Remember, Splenda has a website at Visit to learn more about the product, or to contact them with questions.