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               Give Yourself a French Manicure

A French manicure is a great way to show off your beautiful nails and enjoy your time at the manicurist. You can trust most qualified nail technicians to give you a French manicure that you will be proud of. But what if you want to try it yourself?

If you prefer to give your own manicures and desire to learn how to give yourself a French manicure you can follow the easy steps below.

  1. Before applying nail polish, clean your hands and nails thoroughly with an exfoliate scrub. If you do not have an exfoliate scrub you can add just a tad of salt to hand lotions. Be sure to rinse and dry your hands and nails well.

  2. Next, you will need to file your nails. Always remember to file your nails from the corner to the center of each nail. Do not file straight across than can cause your nails to become weak. File in one direction only. Finding the right type of nail for filing can be found at your local beauty supply store. The coarse side of the nail file is for filing while the fine side is for finishing.

  3. Using a hand moisturizer is the next step. Many nail technicians can give you the best ideas for moisturizers. Some people prefer to use olive or almond oil. You will now need to either soak your nails so soften your cuticles or you can also wrap them in a warm towel. Now, gently push back your cuticle using a cuticle stick. Do not cut your cuticles. Thoroughly rinse your hands with warm water and remember to dry completely.

  4. Your next step in getting a French manicure is to apply one clear base coat completely over your nail. Let the base dry. This base coat will help strengthen and protect your nail.

  5. To achieve the square look for your French manicure, paint a straight line across the tips of all of your fingernails. If you prefer a rounded look, follow the curve of your nail. If you want a pointed look paint each side of your nail to the center. You may find sticky strips to help you get a straight line when polishing. Let the polish dry.

  6. The final step in your French manicure is to apply a coat of translucent pink polish over your entire nail; this will seal the tip that you just polished white and will finish the look. Let dry.

That's it. You are ready to go. Enjoy your new French manicure.

Bonus: Cuticle Care:

Trimming the cuticles is a big no. Your cuticles is live skin that protects the nail, and cutting them can lead to injury and infection, apply cuticle remover and push back the cuticles gently with a pumice stick in small circular motions before painting the nails.

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