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Expert Foods from The Low Carb Connoisseur


          Lose the Fat by Debbie Judd, RN

Most people realize that if you want to be successful, you have to hang out with "like-minded" people. Whether it's becoming successful at business, academics, music, building a great physique or following a disciplined diet, the people you choose to spend time with can play a critical role in bringing out the best in you — or the worst.

The same truth applies to losing body fat. I'm here to tell you who the key players are that will help you more than hinder you in your journey towards fat loss. Omitting or even occasionally being forgetful and skipping important aspects of a fat loss program will ultimately hinder your results. Not only because you've missed out on vital nutrients but because it can set you into a downward spiral which leads towards lack of enthusiasm, loss of will power and motivation and a mind-set that says, "I don't care anymore".

Fat loss partners

Protein:  Keep your protein intake adequate

Protein is the cornerstone of a fat loss program. Without adequate protein intake, your body will not metabolically be an efficient "butter burner" nor will you preserve that precious lean muscle mass that fuels the furnace.

A protein source at each meal and even for in-between meal snacks is crucial. No less than 2-3 ounces at each meal for an average sized person and 4-5 ounces per meal for larger, more active individuals. Snacks sizes can vary but 1-2 ounces is usually adequate.

Foods classified as protein sources are lean and ideally organically raised (organic has a more ideal ratio of essential fatty acids in the meat) beef, lamb, pork, veal; wild game; poultry; non-farm raised fish and shell fish; eggs; and non genetically modified soy products or protein based powders.

Essential Fatty Acids: It takes the proper fats to lose fat

The condition of your "internal environment" will determine the rate at which fat loss takes place. Much like a car that has a clean engine, premier fuel, and is well-tuned, the body that has a clean environment will be more efficient at metabolizing fat than one that is toxic, has a sluggish liver, is laden with trans-fats, and is water logged with artificial ingredients.

By removing caustic foods and elements from your diet, while also adding healthy sources of fats, the stage will be set for efficient fuel burning. There are now numerous scientific studies that support the fact that daily consumption of essential fats such as fish oil will significantly increase fat oxidation or the breakdown and metabolism of fats for energy.

Other sources of essential fats are flax seed oil, flax seed meal, all fish oils, raw nuts and seeds and oils made from nuts and seeds, olive oil and avocados.

High fibrous vegetables and fruits: Choose your carbs wisely

The selection of your carbohydrates can have a huge effect on your body's ability to burn fat. As you have all heard by now, all carbs are created equal when it comes to their final constituent (simple sugar) but those carbs that contain higher amounts of fiber will:

  1. Slow down the absorption of sugar into your blood stream, thereby keeping your insulin levels from spiking, and

  2. Provide the body with the provisions needed to absorb toxins and move them on through the intestinal tract. And as we all know by now, insulin is a fat storage hormone and the higher the levels (prompted by high blood sugar levels); the more that fat will be stored around the organs, intra-abdominally and under the skin layers (cellulite) instead of being used as an energy source.
Sources of high fiber vegetables and fruits include: asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cucumbers, green beans, lettuces of all varieties, mushrooms, mustard greens, radishes, peppers of all kinds, spinach, tomatoes, all berries, melons, apples, pears, etc., to name a few. Ideally again, organically grown vegetables and fruits will eliminate unnecessary toxins that the body doesn't need to spend time ridding itself of.

Water: Drink till you float

Knowing that the body is made up of about 60-70 percent water and that all metabolic processes need water should be enough to prompt all of us to drink ample amounts. But I still see patients that aren't "good water drinkers".

Water is like the cr?me de la cr?me in the wine making industry. The wine that is made from these regions come from grapes that are the finest, purest and best tasting according to the gurus of the industry. Water is the cr?me de la cr?me for our bodies. It is the only fluid our body needs, it is basically pure without sweeteners, artificial colors or carbonation and helps cleanse and rid the body of wastes, toxins, and excess nutrients so that it may be a fine, pure and efficient fat burning machine.

Everyone should strive to drink between 3 and 4 quarts of water each day. Get yourself a quart size container and place 3-4 rubber bands around the bottle. Fill it up with icy cold water (studies have shown that iced water will increase metabolic rate) and each time you drink a container full, remove one rubber band until they have all been removed and you have drank your 3-4 quarts at day's end.

Exercise: Most days of the week

While I won't spend a lot of time on the benefits of exercise since we have heard them countless times already, it is a must if you want to top off your fat burning program. Whether your preference is aerobic forms or weight resistance, you are limited due to immobility or injury or if time is limited, you need to find a way to incorporate it into your daily routine most days of the week.

Exercise is a detoxification and cleansing program all by itself, ridding the body of wastes and by-products of metabolism. Through movement you are forcing the body to utilize those fat calories that have been consumed or are stored for energy, thereby reducing your fat storage deposits.

While much of this information may not seem new to some of you, the key message is that these are fat loss partners, all to be used synergistically in your fat loss program. Just as having a supportive group of friends that can nurture your goals or undercut them, learn to utilize all components of a successful fat loss program for the best possible achievements.

                                                           Debbie Judd, RN

Copyright © January 2006  Debbie Judd, RN and Low Carb Luxury


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