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   Lora Ruffner

   Neil Beaty

   Lori Markham

      Jonny Bowden, MA, CNS

      Joan Hedman

      Kantha Shelke, Ph.D.

      Cerise Cauthron

      Pete Maletto

      LeAnne Thomas

      Joy Pape, RN BSN CDE

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     Jonny Bowden, MA, CNS
     Nutrition Expert

     Fred Pescatore, M.D., MPH
     Integrative Medicine

     Richard Feinman, Ph. D.
     Professor of Biochemistry

     Michael R. Eades, M.D.
     Eades Scientific

     Mary Dan Eades, M.D.
     Eades Scientific

     Joy Pape, RN BSN CDE
     Pres., Enjoy Life! LLC.

     Steven R. Gundry, M.D.
     Int'l Heart and Lung Institute

     Andrew DiMino
     Pres., CarbSmart Inc.

     Dan Maiullo, Atty
     DynaPure Nutrition

     Pete Maletto
     CSO, DynaPure Nutrition

     Elaine Payne
     Pres. Low Carb Connoisseur

     Gil Wilshire, M.D., FACOG
     Carb Aware Council

Back from Vegas...

NNFA Banner Last year at this time, Neil and I were writing about what a big and amazing show NNFA had put on in Vegas and how many new products had blown us away. This year, there's been quite a change. Yes, we went to the Vegas show (and yes, it was during the big heat wave! Whew!), but this year was a different story...

It was the smallest NNFA show I can ever remember attending. Certainly too small for a show in Vegas! Part of the reason was that for the first time in memory, Fancy Foods (in New York) held their Summer show at the same time. People had to choose which one they wanted to attend. And it further complicated things that many professionals could not attend because BoulderFest, a nutritional conference, was being held at the same time as well.

But part of the scant attendance was surely due to the lack of low carb foods and manufacturers, and the general lack of focus in the health food industry period. Many seemed confused as to which trends to follow... which to gear products for. Clearly this industry is in flux.

If there was any one segment being catered to, it was the emerging Gluten Free marketplace that seems to be growing at a steady rate. In fact, MSNBC reported that mainstream giants, including Wal*Mart have begun carrying gluten free products in a big way.

Over the coming months, we'll be noting the reasons for this increase, and why it's a good thing for the marketplace, but an eerie omen for the state of health in this country.

On a personal note, we had a blast in Vegas. We spent much of our time with Andrew DiMino (of CarbSmart) and his wife Virginia, and with Dave and Linda Langdon (of Low Carb Creations, Sunset Brands, and Simply Low Carb.) These are fun people. And Dave is certifiable... :) The food was good as well, especially the buffet at Bellagio (where we ate before going out to view the "Fountains at Bellagio.") But the most fun came when Neil and I took in "The Strip" on our own, and when we decided to drive into the mountains at 1 AM, and later opted to head out to Hoover Dam at 3 AM. Well, sometimes you just have to do something a little off-beat. What a great trip!
                                       Lora and Neil

Cover photo, "Little Patriot," Copyright © 2005  Neil Beaty for Low Carb Luxury

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Neil's Photo of The Month (Chihuly Glass at Bellagio):

The 70' x 30' ceiling called "Fiore Di Como" that adorns The Bellagio lobby in Las Vegas consists of over 2,000 hand blown multi-colored glass flowers and is the largest display of its kind in the world. Bellagio Hotel creator, Steve Wynn commissioned Seattle artist Dale Chihuly to create this masterpiece.

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