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              Dreamfields Readers' Forum

We received quite a lot of positive response to our First Anniversary article in the March issue of Low Carb Luxury. Thanks to everyone who wrote in-we really appreciate your support! As promised, we wanted to use this forum to answer some of the questions we received. So here goes!

We love your pasta. It's better than even traditional pasta, especially with butter. But I was wondering if what you eat with it in a meal affects the digestibility of the carbs in the pasta? Should we eat more fat with it? Less?


Dear Bill,

We love that you love our pasta!

The reduced digestibility in Dreamfields pasta is the result of a unique blend of protein and specific dietary fibers that protect the carbohydrate from the action of digestive enzymes, while also providing the body with health-promoting dietary components, not found in normal pasta.

Digestion is a complex process in the body and its variables can differ in people depending on an individual's age, activity level, health and what they eat in a given meal. However, generally speaking, a moderate amount of fat in the diet does little to influence a carbohydrate's digestion. Similarly, for Dreamfields, since our pasta has been specifically formulated to protect the starch (carbohydrate) from digestion by the body's digestive enzymes, it will likely not be affected by moderate amounts of fat in the meal.

That being said, it is always a good idea to reduce dietary fat intake, in particular saturated fat, such as butter. Olive oil, canola, and sunflower oils that contain high levels of monounsaturated fats are examples of more healthy fat alternatives to replace the saturated fats found in butter.

Thanks for taking the time to write in the Low Carb Luxury Magazine. I've had some concerns about Dreamfields Pasta because it tastes so wonderful. My local low carb store owner told me there was a lot of controversy about it, so I haven't known if I should continue eating it.

Minot, ND

Dear Amanda,

It's not unusual to hear misinformation about products, particularly those that offer health, and taste as good as Dreamfields, since that combination almost seems "too good to be true." But in Dreamfields' case, the good news is true! Dreamfields has been specifically formulated to offer great taste, with a clinically-proven, patent-pending recipe that reduces carbohydrate digestibility. What's more, the natural ingredients that help protect the carbs increase Dreamfields' dietary fiber content and have been shown in scientific study to support healthy digestion, aid in strengthening the immune system, promote calcium absorption. So go ahead and enjoy the taste of Dreamfields, with the added assurance that with every bite you're helping your overall health.

I make all my major meals early in the week and then freeze them in individual portions. Some of my favorite low carb creations now include Dreamfields Pasta. But I don't know if freezing the pasta affects the way the body breaks it down carb-wise later. Does this matter?

Dallas, Texas

Dear Sherry,

Freezing should not technically affect the digestibility of carbohydrates in your Dreamfields recipe. The key is to cook the pasta to al-dente texture and to reheat only that portion that you plan to consume at the next sitting so that you can avoid additional freeze/thaw cycles which can affect the pasta's taste and texture. Enjoy your Dreamfields and do share some of your recipes - if you're game, we might even publish them in an upcoming issue!

Do you plan to continue to market to us low carb dieters even though the news keeps saying low carb is dead? At least half the people I know, including those I work with are at least watching their carbs and most are more serious. With so many low carb foods disappearing, we're hoping you don't go anywhere.

St. Louis, MO

Dear Bobbi,

We plan to continue to grow! Much of the so-called demise of low carb reflects "survival of the fittest." Many companies rushed out low carb offerings that really traded off taste. Market research experts believe that these 'poorly made low carb foods' disappeared from retailer shelves because consumers took a stand against bad tasting foods. Our consumers love the taste and goodness of Dreamfields and we keep getting great letters such as yours telling us how much they value Dreamfields in their healthy carb-conscious diets.

We value your business and are doing all that we can to spread the word and gain the critical mass to ensure that Dreamfields stays on the retailer shelves as affordable and delicious pasta for those who watch their carbs.

Thanks again for your continued support of Dreamfields. Please keep your thoughts and ideas coming, and we'll keep responding. We look forward to continuing to provide you with great tasting, healthful foods that can be the foundation of a wholesome and healthful diet.
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