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Feature Articles
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 The Cholesterol Myth
 Make it Low Carb!
 Great Low Carb Ice Creams
 Spring Redecorating!
 Just Say Cheese
 Glycemic Index vs Load
 Low Carb Grows Up!
 Dreamfields Readers' Forum
 An Open Letter to My Mother
 The Weight Loss Alphabet
 The Story of Mother's Day
 Soothing Sounds of Music
 Teach Your Children Well



  Sugarfree TWIST

              The Weight Loss Alphabet


   Accept responsibility.

 Be confident and self-assured.

 Challenge yourself.

 Draw upon your strengths, assets, and talents.

 Empower yourself.

 Find supportive and encouraging people with whom to surround yourself.

 Guzzle water.

 Have a meaningful, well-defined, measurable, and realistic goal.

 Invest time in yourself.

 Jump, run, or walk — just move.

 Know you deserve the best.

 Live your life in the mind and body you desire.

 Mute negative self-talk.

 Nurture your body with healthy food and your mind with positive thoughts.

 Open your mind and senses to new ideas and possibilities.

 Physically move toward your goal.

 Quit procrastinating.

 Reward yourself every step of the way.

 Stand up for what you want. Don't allow saboteurs to dash your dreams.

 Take the risk TODAY!

 Use your imagination, talents and abilities.

 Visualize what you want and what it would be like to reach your goal.

 Write in your Journal daily and write ideas that will work for you.

eXpect it will happen. Don't just hope it will

 Yield to no temptations or diversions.

 Zero in on your Winning Outcome and don't stray.


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