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                 Six Ways to Beat the Monday Blues by Gary Plevin

Monday mornings always seem to be here all too soon. Just when you are getting used to the weekend – whoosh! – it's already flown by. And all too soon, it's Monday the dread day. But no matter how much we moan or groan, there is no escaping The M-Days.

But hey, don't let those darn Mondays get you down. Get your spirits up, take a deep breath and charge on, full steam ahead. And just in case you find it hard, here are six ways to chase the Monday blues away.

1)  Just Get Out!

The best thing to do on a Monday morning is to get some exercise or go for a walk that gets your feel-good hormones working. Ah, exercise makes you cringe does it? Never mind then, just find a green spot (lawn or nearby park) to stroll or even just sit down. Fresh air, sunshine and greenery are tremendous mood uplifters.

2)  Rhythm is Gonna Get You!

Once back from your exercise/stroll, nothing works better than blanking your mind out with music (unless you're driving a truck for a living!) Take your pick — peppy numbers, lilting instrumentals, chants or whatever else works for you. Turn on your music system and let the notes set the tone for the day. Oh, and if you're an iPod kinda person, think about listening to that music while you're doing that Monday morning exercise!

3)  Wear Your Best!

Make Mondays your look-my-best day. It's a great day for wearing the clothes you like most. Even if it means wearing that red shirt or blouse you were saving for a special occasion. Instead of the greys and navys, go for bright colors, some of that sunshine yellow or fiery red is bound to rub your blues away.

4)  Make Your "Monday Hater" Club Meeting!

If you're really down, call up a friend! In all probability, they might be equally blue and would love to hear from you. Or email your pals and bitch about your blues. As all of you commiserate about how hard Mondays can be (and this does work!), you know you aren't alone and will feel better. For those that aren't the email (or people) type, read something funny, and start the day with a smile!

5)  Have a Treat!

Even if you're dieting (low carb, right?!), make sure something you adore is waiting for you on Mondays. Perhaps a low-carb chocolate treat? Nothing is better than the guilty pleasure of early-morning-chocolate. It can be a real "high" for many people!

6)  A Clean Slate Feels Great!

Finally, make sure you finish all the dirty work on Friday. Keep Monday for a fresh start. That way, at least there's less to bog you down on a Monday.

Now that you know how to chase your blues away, have a very happy Monday, and remember the weekend's just five days away! (And two days after that, it's Monday again... so start chasin'!) :)

Copyright © May 2005  Gary Plevin and Low Carb Luxury



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