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Feature Articles
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 Handling Food Safely
 Make it Low Carb: Saucy!
 Springtime Recipes
 A Time of New Beginnings
 5 Ways to Beautiful Skin
 Food and Wine Pairings
 Time Management Tips
 Recipes from Dreamfields
 Living Authentically
 Panel: Exercise & Weight Loss
 GL, GI? Oh My!
 Top Picks: Low Carb Books
 Perfect Scrambled Eggs



  Framed Prints from Neil Beaty

   Lora Ruffner

   Neil Beaty

   Lori Markham

      Joan Hedman

      Joy Pape, RN BSN CDE

      Keith Berkowitz, M.D.

      Debbie Judd, RN

      Jonny Bowden, MA, CNS

      Linda Genaw

      Regina Schumann-Wilshire

      Pamela Merritt

      Cerise Cauthron

      Christine Witt-Trzcinski

      Cybil Solon

      Daphne Hochfeld

      Susanne Koch

      Kris Carabetta

      Linda Mann

     Keith Berkowitz, M.D.
     Center for Balanced Health

     Richard Feinman, Ph. D.
     Professor of Biochemistry

     Michael R. Eades, M.D.
     Eades Scientific

     Mary Dan Eades, M.D.
     Eades Scientific

     Joy Pape, RN BSN CDE
     Pres., Enjoy Life! LLC.

     Steven R. Gundry, M.D.
     Int'l Heart and Lung Institute

     Andrew DiMino
     Pres., CarbSmart Inc.

     Dan Maiullo, Atty
     Corporate Counsel

     Mark Uhrmacher
     V.P., Expert Foods

     Jonny Bowden, MA, CNS
     Fitness Expert

     Fred Pescatore, M.D., MPH
     Integrative Medicine

     Pete Maletto
     CSO, DynaPure Nutrition

     Elaine Payne
     Pres. Low Carb Connoisseur

     Gil Wilshire, M.D., FACOG

                                                             "Peace cannot be kept by force.
                                                        It can only be achieved by understanding."
                                                                                Albert Einstein

April's here, Spring is here, and seeing the crocus bloom is always a glorious sight for us. March was an interesting month. Neil and I attended Expo West in Anaheim (as we do every year), but this year was a bit different. Not only were there fewer "low carb" packaged products, but many of those we're all familiar with had changed their names or their focus, feeling the stigma of the title as conferred by the press. What was happening? Was low carb "dead", as the media was proclaiming?

That same weekend, Low Carb Luxury sponsored a Press Event entitled, "Low Carb Lives", and we presented a panel discussion that featured Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades (who wrote Protein Power), Dr. Fred Pescatore (who wrote The Hamptons Diet), Dana Carpender, Linda Langdon, Andrew DiMino, and myself. Neil was the panel moderator, and asked questions of the panel for the first hour, with the audience making queries after that. It was a lively discussion and the general concensus was that of course "low carb" is not dead... how could it be when the diet has been proven over and over as effective and healthy? What's happened is clearly a shakeout in the industry, and we are all beginning to see a rebound effect at this time. The months ahead will see many changes in the low carb arena, and in the way specialty products are manufactured, labeled, and marketed.

But how was this panel received by the press? Well... "What if you gave a press conference and nobody came?" It wasn't actually that bad, but attendence was far lower than it should have been, showing the disinterest the press has in low carb right now. It just doesn't push a button with them anymore... it's so yesterday.

No matter, it was wonderful getting to have the discussion and spending the weekend with so many of our dear friends in this industry. Andrew did his best to play host (since CarbSmart is located right there in Huntington Beach), and even helped to bandage up my foot when I managed to get a nasty cut the first day in. Time spent with Linda was fun and crazy like always, and that girl eats more salmon than any other human alive, I think... I had a blast with Dana Carpender as she and I discovered we have far more in common than we ever dreamed. We've done some remarkably similar things in our past. Don't ask. :)

It was a fun 4 days and our meals were shared with some of our favorite people... Kantha Shelke of Corvus Blue, Drs. Eades, the Gang from Midwest Low Carb Distribution, Jonny Bowden, and of course, those I mentioned before. Neil and I feel blessed to know such talented and amazing people.

And to all of you who write each day, and who keep us so aware of consumer interests and concerns, we thank you. Have a wonderful Spring!

                             Lora and Neil

Cover photo "First Tulip of the Season" Copyright © 2005  Neil Beaty for Low Carb Luxury

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                        Product Of The Month

Our product review team features a "Product Of The Month" in each issue of our magazine. These products are a group consensus of those we find to be the most innovative, healthy, tasty, and/or helpful to the low-carber's daily dietary regime.

Chip's Chips

Looking for a great cracker to sub for Chees-its or Ritz? Hungry for a crunchy crispy snack? But the ones you've tried in the past seemed "so cardboard", or simply have too many carbs? We think you'll want to check out Chip's Chips from Betafoods.

They come in 5 varieties:
Nacho Cheese Snackers, Sour Cream & Onion Snackers, BBQ Snackers, Cheddar Cheese Thins, and Extra Cheese Thins.

Chip's Chips Other than taste and versatility, there are some other very good reasons to enjoy Chip's Chips. They're made without trans fats, sugar alcohols, or any other "questionable" ingredients. They contain 16 grams of protein per serving (without tasting like they do), and offer up a mere 2 grams of carbohydrate for the Snackers, and 0 grams for the Thins. And when they give a carb count, they mean it. They're not "net" carbs, there's no math to do... the bottom line is the bottom line. A serving size is a full 28 gram package, and they're only 130 to 140 calories to boot.

Our favorites were the Cheddar Cheese Thins by a minor majority, but the Extra Cheese and BBQ were close seconds. Choose your own favorites!

Can you think of a good reason not to try these all-natural zero (or 2) carb snacks? We didn't think so... If you can't find them locally, order them online at The Low Carb Connoisseur


Neil's Photo of The Month:
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