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                Uncommon Scents by Lori Markham

Have floral scents become too predictable? Are you tired of the orientals? Some of the latest fragrances offer up some very unexpected nuances to the traditional perfumes we've all become so familiar with. So if you didn't get what you really wanted for Christmas, have some gift certificates in hand, or just want to treat yourself for the new year, this is your chance to find the perfect new fragrance for you. Because here, we'll give you the rundown on some of the freshest scents around.

Beyond Paradise Beyond Paradise
Unlike any floral you've tried before, Beyond Paradise from Est?e Lauder combines a wide range of notes. The result is a water floral that develops into a jasmine and tropical fruit mix rounded off with honey.

Clinique "nose" Ray Matts wanted to capture the sweet, milky scent of his baby when he created Simply. Not your typical oriental, it's a soft, creamy perfume with a warm, nutty note.

Shi Shi
By Alfred Sung — Inspired by a perfect water drop, it's a joy to wear. It's a floral with the airy radiance of Orange Blossom and Frangipani. More than that, this scent has a water note reminiscent of L'eau d'Issey.

Editor's Note: I received this scent for Christmas and I just adore it. It's so fresh, different, and lovely. — Lora

By Dolce & Gabbana. It reminds one of that wafting suntan lotion scent you get at the beach on a hot day. It has an intense dose of bergamot to begin with, then it settles into a floral with honeysuckle, jasmine and rose. It ends with hints of heliotrope, sandalwood and musk. This one's forceful, radiant and relentlessly sensual.

Maybe Baby
Maybe Baby
Benefit's new eau de toilette is a sparkling floral with a fruity dose of apricot, lychee and peach, plus a wonderful ginger note.

Georgio Armani's latest fragrance adds kaffir lime leaves to the oriental equation for a tart freshness. Their scent quickly melts to a soft oriental, and barley in the fragrance prevents the headiness of many orientals.

Presence d une femme Presence d une femme
A sophisticated, oriental floral, Presence d'une femme unfolds with fresh pineapple leaves and sweet tangerine before a heady rush of cyclamen, orchid, vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood, leaving no doubt: this is the presence of a woman.

Here's a perfume from Burberry that's in touch with the modern sensibility and elegance of woman who wears it. A fragrance that evokes femininity, sensuality and beauty. Touch has tender notes of black currant, cranberry and rosehip, combined with tuberose, jasmine and lily of the valley, vanilla and cedarwood.

Midnight Midnight
A new fragrance from Lolita Lempicka is an enchanting floral fragrance clear and sensual with the intoxicating nectar of licorice flowers enhanced by the fascinating refreshment of anise seeds and violets.

To complete her "fairytale" fragrance Lolita added touches of veviter tonka bean vanilla and musk. The result an exquisite floral fragrance that intoxicates and inspires.

Stella EDP
This is Stella McCartney's first fragrance. A sophisticated fragrance that embodies femininity, and pushes the edge between sharpness and softness. The scent itself is rose combined with amber tones, soft and sensual.



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