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  Thanksgiving Planning Guide

          The Beauty of Eyeglasses by Lori Markham

My sister-in-law recently found out she'd be needing glasses, and as a woman very concerned about her looks (who isn't?), and she was freaking out a little. She was imagining herself with that "librarian look." It didn't take long to realize this didn't need to be the case at all...

In fact, glasses can be alluring: Just think of Marilyn Monroe looking sensually studious in bulky black rectangle frames and b'zillions of other gorgeous eyeglass wearers.

The focus is to select an unobtrusive, easy-to-wear frame that compliments your face shape and blends into your overall look — like the most fabulously subtle accessory. Or, why not try a frame that unexpectedly defies predictability and anchors your personal style? Then again, how about choosing a few pairs that fit your different moods? What?s key is to remember that not every face looks great in every shape frame.

After an exasperating session of trying on a m?lange of shapes, it is no wonder that you end up glassy-eyed. Once you have narrowed down your picks to just a few, it can be difficult to individually compare each style in the mirror and how it holds up on your face.

Consider a few beauty secrets to hone in on the most flattering pair of glasses:

  • Eyeglass size should be in proportion to face size. For instance, large full faces are flattered by more oversized frames, yet a petite face would appear ?bug-eyed? in the same scale of frame.

  • The most suitable frame shape is the opposite of your face shape. Angular-shaped faces look better with rounder frames. Softer, fuller faces are enhanced with sharper-edged frame shapes.

  • Use frame shapes to help create the illusion of a more oval face. Narrow rectangle frames lengthen a round face. Full-bottomed frames balance a wide forehead. A square face appears softer with an oval frame. A narrow forehead will appear fuller with a cat eye frame.

  • To ensure correct lens size, check to see that your eye falls dead center of the eyeglass lens.

  • Eyeglasses should complement; not compete with your hairstyle. Be sure not to get carried away with a fussy frame if you favor big hair.

  • If you prefer a colored frame, opt for one that enhances skin tone and hair shade, rather than just choosing the trendy "color of the moment."

  • Our faces are not always in perfect balance, so be sure glasses rest evenly on ears and that they cross your eyebrows at the same level to avoid a seesaw effect.
See? You really can be beautiful in the right glasses!
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