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        Fall Fashion Trends by Kris Carabetta

Just when you've gotten up the courage to display your body over the summer in that skimpy little bathing suit, autumn and winter are knocking on the door saying to cover it all up again! But how? Should we keep the skimpy little tops that flooded the market this spring? What about the MOD inspired skirt from last fall? Low-waisted jeans? High-waisted jeans? Pleats? No pleats? Help! Its like a fashion buffet! Never fear, the Fashion Maven is here with a few tips that will help incorporate the Fall/Winter trends into your current wardrobe without breaking the bank or your spirit!

Trend #1 Dressing Like Your Grandmother:

Huh? What? Who? Actually this trend simply means a return to classic materials and cuts. The most common fabric is tweed, higher end will use wool, lower will use polyester of some type. This is great news for people who wear larger sizes because the fabric is a heavier weight and drapes well. Because the fabric will be everywhere (i.e. your teenage daughter wants to wear it too), select a piece or two that will be unique. Indulge in some fringe, some funky buttons, or stand out colors. But avoid neons that will simply look silly on anyone older than twelve! Also, beware the boxy cut top. Instead go for something a bit longer that is nipped in at the waist. You've got curves — show them off!!

Trend #2 Soft Blouses:

Some have bows at the neck. Some have them at the cleavage. Some are satin. Some are silk. Some have pearl buttons while other hide them altogether. Can't make a decision? Buy a couple. Trust me, you'll wear them!

Trend #3 Tailored Coats:

Remember the shearling coats everyone was wearing last year? The good news is that they are still in fashion. The bad news is that you can't wear them with that soft blouse you just bought. Its time to hit the vintage stores in search of a long, tailored coat. For some, that may be difficult because of arm size. Instead, go to the local discount store and look for a trench style then jazz it up with a few pins and such.

Trend # 4 Fake Fur:

A fur coat is a luxury that many dream of including the animals who originally wore them! Instead, indulge in a high quality fake fur jacket or scarf. A touch of fur fits the trends perfectly and leaves the pocketbook and the original owners intact!

Trend #5 BIG Pins and Flowers:

The Grandma trend is still going strong. Its time to hit the flea markets and search your attic. You're looking for large pins that would have made your grandmother proud. Pin them on your suits, your coat, and your jackets. Do not pin them on that soft blouse — it will rip the fabric and make it drape oddly.

The second accessory trend is the silk flower. If the brooch is too big and clunky, pin a silk flower on instead. They are being sold just about everywhere but if you can't find one you like, visit the local home accessories outlet. Find something you like, buy some pins, and a hot glue gun. Make some for your friends. You'll look oh so fashionable!

Of course, the best accessory of all is attitude. Keep your head up and look people in the eye. Walk with a bit of bump. Smile at the cute guy in the coffee shop. Remember, it's the woman who makes the clothes!

Next Issue: Men — The Great Adventure. Going beyond khaki pants!


Copyright © September 2004  Kris Carabetta and Low Carb Luxury


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