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Klondike CarbSmart ice cream cones announced:
CarbSmart Cone July 22 — NEW PRODUCT:
Looking for a low-carb ice cream cone? Klondike CarbSmart ice cream cones have "all the crunchy-goodness of regular Klondike cones" but with only 5 grams of net carbs each.

The new cones are made with real ice cream dipped in chocolate-flavored coating and rolled in peanuts. Splenda is used to sweeten the ice cream and chocolate coating.

Klondike CarbSmart ice cream cones are available nationally in supermarkets. The suggested retail price for a 4-pack of 4.0-fluid ounce cones is $3.99.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays go low-carb:
Tampa Bay Devil Rays The Tampa Bay Devil Rays have entered into a multi-year sponsorship agreement with GeoPharma, which markets CarbSlim Bites. As part of the agreement, the low-carb candy will be sold at Tropicana Field, as well as at Progress Energy Park. There will also be in-stadium signage and sampling events during the regular season.

The Devil Rays and GeoPharma will kick off the sales of CarbSlim Bites at today's game against the New York Yankees. There is a buy one, get one free promotion while supplies last.

Low-carb frozen yogurt:
July 12 — NEW PRODUCT:
Low-carb frozen yogurt Breyers today announced that it will soon launch the first low-carb frozen yogurt for sale in supermarket freezers. Breyers CarbSmart Frozen Yogurt will be available in vanilla and chocolate. Each 1/2 cup serving of the new product contains 4 net carbs. Splenda is one of the sweeteners used in CarbSmart Frozen Yogurt.

Look for this product at your local supermarket starting in August. The suggested retail price is $5.09.



CarbAware Consumer Choice Awards Low Carb Luxury Nomitated for a
Consumer Choice Award

The Carbohydrate Awareness Council will present the CarbAware Consumer Choice Awards to the companies and/or products, you the consumer, choose! Voting will be open online from July 15, 2004 through September 10, 2004. Please take a moment to cast your vote for Low Carb Luxury in the following categories:

  • "Best Website for General Information about Low-Carb Diets"
  • "Best Low-Carb or Low-Carb Friendly Publication"
And while you're at it...

Also up for an award is The Low Carb Connoisseur. This is a business that's been around since 1996 serving the low carb community with honesty and integrity. We highly recommend you cast your vote for them for "Best Online Merchant to Purchase Products."

Things That Make You Go "Hmmmmmm . . . "

100 Calorie Pack Raise your hand if you've seen the new "100 Calorie Packs" of snack foods from Kraft/Nabisco foods. At first look one might wish to applaud the attempt at portion control and dietary responsibility. But we do mean "glance." Because if you look further... as in the ingredients panel, you might begin to question the value of a product that purports to be "healthy" when in fact a bit of sleight of hand is definitely in play.

A quick visit to their website shows their product claims... there's that "0 grams of Trans Fats" claim. You'll want to note that that certainly doesn't mean there are no trans fats. It means there's less than 1 gram per serving. And it's a tiny serving indeed. A look at the ingredient panel shows that the FOURTH ingredient (after the parade of white flour ingredients) is partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil. Pure trans fat. Are you going "hmmmmm..." yet?

There's an entire line of these little snacks. From Oreo cookies to Wheat Thins. And yes, they all contain trans fats (though they all tout the 0 gram claim.) And of course these little gems of pure "health food" are rife with white flour and sugars as well. Just what every growing child needs, right?

Does their 0 Trans Fat claim mean that they acknowledge trans fats are bad? Don't be silly... They tell you in their FAQ that trans fats are "unavoidable in ordinary diets." (Of course they are — because they keep putting them in EVERYTHING.)

We know companies can do better than this.

And speaking of doing better..."

It seems there's a company out there now that's marketing 0 Carb Bagels and 0 Carb Bread. Several merchants brought it to my attention, and then I saw the entire line of them myself when Neil and I were visiting a low carb specialty store in our area.

I have to say, this is definitely something that "makes me go hmmmmmmm..." First ingredient is wheat flour. Not even WHOLE wheat flour... so just plain old white flour. This alone should tell you it CANNOT be zero carb. Not possible. Some of their labels show the first ingredient as "oat flour." Better choice, but still nowhere NEAR zero-carb. Don't be duped. Don't let them tell you that added fiber cancels it out. If you take an item that has 7 carbs from white flour, then add 7 grams of fiber, your total carb count is 14 grams. And you NET carb count is 7 grams. Fiber doesn't have to be counted. But it sure doesn't CANCEL out other carbs.

Merchants came to us at Low Carb Luxury aghast at the way these products are being marketed to them. Their sell sheets proclaim, "0 net carb products are finally here! Be the first to carry this great tasting line of bread, bagels and more." "Now you can offer your customers what can't be found in the major supermarkets..."

This is a travesty. Shame, shame, shame...


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