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                 No Excuses by Cybil Solon

Regardless of what low carb lifestyle you chose to embrace exercise is essential to not only your general health, but to put an end to stalls, plateaus, and slow downs. For many not exercising is just an excuse away, but I have a workout for even the best excuse makers!

Not Enough Time:
Tae Bo 8-Minute Workout

Billy Blanks hit the market almost 10 years ago with his revolutionary Tae Bo workout videos that combined kickboxing with aerobic moves. The Tae Bo workouts are excellent for people on the go because Billy has put together an 8-minute powerhouse workout that even the most time deficient of us can do. In 8 minutes Blanks will get your heart pumping, your muscles moving, and up your energy level with his motivational workout routine.

Too Complicated/Hard:
Walk Away The Pounds with Leslie Sansone

If you can walk you can do any of Sansone's workouts. Leslie hated that the weather and her schedule didn't always permit her to go outside and walk, so she designed workouts for people to walk in the comfort of their own homes without the need for expensive equipment. Each workout has Sansone and a group of real people walking to the beat. Their background chatter is a lot of fun to listen to, or you can mute it and walk to your own music - just make sure the pace is the same. The Walk Away the Pound series is favorite with Weight Watcher members and is making a buzz on many low carb forums because it's not only easy to do, but simple to adjust for your individual fitness level.

Too Boring:
Lotte Berk Method

This isn't your usual workout! The Lotte Berk Method combines ballet, yoga, modern dance and stretching to reshape the body. There motto is "In 10 days you feel in the difference, in 20 you see it." People who have stayed true to the 30 minute workouts know the truth behind that motto -yours truly being one of them. There are currently four different dvd's. Muscle Eats Fat and Basics are the easiest for beginners, but High Round Assets and Hip Hugger Abs will become essentials to Method users as they perfect their form. Each dvd has two workouts (one is hidden in the Special Features area), and each instructor description of the routine helps you learn to better perform these unique and seemingly simple movements. Lotte Berk Method is my favorite workout and I hope will soon become yours.

Not enough Space:
Pilates For Weight Loss

So you live in a tiny studio apartment, or you can only workout in the tiny space between the couch, the tv, and the coffee table. Well Pilates for Weight Loss is just the thing for you! The only space you need is room enough to lay your body flat, and enough space to move your arms around. Equipment is simple too with a yoga mat, towel, or folded blanket. Pilates is challenging, but with the incredible menu set up on this dvd it just got simpler. With three levels to choose from you can watch your level alone, toggle between levels, or watch them all together. Any complicated moves have an added feature that allows you to get a detailed description and visual of the action. The voice over for the workout helps you along, and will keep you on track. This workout will take some practice, but it fits just about anywhere.

Too Much Equipment/Money:
Bellydance Cardio Shimmy

Bellydance is an incredible way to shape the body without the added expense of equipment. All you need for this workout is yourself and a willingness to get really sweaty as you swing your arms and legs to the beat. Your instructor Rania shows you various "shimmies" which are fast shaking movements that originate in your legs or chest. The dance steps may seem repetitive, but perfecting them will take you a lot of time! You'll speed up your heart rate, sweat, and learn to move your body in a way you never have before.

Too Painful/Intense:
Yoga For Weight Loss

Let's be honest, sometimes we just can't get up the strength to "workout". But with Yoga for Weight Loss you can workout without feeling like you have. This workout is by the amazing Gaiam production company. They make some of the best dvd's out there, and just like the Pilates for Weight Loss you will get three levels to choose from, and you can toggle between them. I have been doing yoga for 8 years and I still love this routine. It is easy enough for a beginner, but challenging enough for a pro who wants a relaxing, energizing workout. Stretch, breath, and relax while building upper body and core strength.

There are plenty more excuse busting workouts out there! Write to me and tell me what your biggest excuse for not working out is, or let me know which workouts keep the excuses at bay.

Copyright © July 2004  Cybil Solon and Low Carb Luxury


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