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                   Jonny Bowden Weighs In

Jonny Bowden, M.A., C.N.S., is a respected expert in the fields of fitness and nutrition. He is the author of "Jonny Bowden's Shape Up!", "Jonny Bowden's Shape Up Workbook!", and most recently, "Living the Low Carb Life: From Atkins to the Zone Choosing the Diet That's Right for You". His work has also appeared in The New York Times, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Fitness, Family Circle, Marie Claire, Allure, Men's Health and Walking.

He frequently appears on television and radio as a fitness expert and is also a popular speaker at media events and seminars. His course, "Becoming a Personal Trainer," is a frequent sell-out at the Learning Annex in New York.

Jonny will take your questions about fitness and about low carb! Have a question for Jonny? Send it to: While not all questions can be answered, we'll do our best to publish all we can. We are grateful to Jonny for taking the time out of his busy schedule to lend a bit of advice to our readers!

Question from Crystal Boyd:
Dear Mr. Bowden:

I have a question about antidepressants. I was on Lexapro, an SSRI, and gained weight. I am currently on Wellbutrin and have more energy, but I have been on the low carb diet and have not lost a pound. I've maybe even gained a pound or two.

What can I do to boost my liver enzymes to get the SSRI out of my system? It's been about a month since I was on it. I have been taking Vitamin E as well as fish oil. Any advice?

Thank you,
Crystal Boyd

Jonny Bowden:
Antidepressants and weight loss have a checkered past. Some people gain weight on 'em, some don't. Since no one knows all the exact mechanisms that are involved, it's always hard to predict. While I would never suggest you get off medications that have been prescribed, I will tell you that I know of many people who have had mild, rather than severe, depression, who have been helped by a combination of amino acids and other supplements like 5-HTP. For more info, consider reading Julia Ross' The Mood Cure.

Meanwhile — back to your liver. If liver detoxification is a problem the best support nutrients I know of are selenium (400mcg a day), milk thistle (900 mg per day) and alpha lipoic acid (600 mg or more a day). In addition, cucurmin (found in the spice tumeric and available as a supplement) is helpful, as is whey protein powder.


Question from Elinor R. Roderick:
Dear Jonny,

I have been following a low carb diet for several years. I have lost at least 90 lbs with about 30 to go. Recently I have added weight training to my exercise routine. I have always had very weak abdominal muscles (not helped by 3 pregnancies.) I have tried crunches but have had very little success. I have heard that pelvic lifts are a good way to build up very weak abs, but I'm not sure of the correct way to do them (should they be held for a set time or done quickly?)

Thank you,
E. Roderick

Jonny Bowden:
Like all movements for the abs, they should be held for a second or two in the contracted position, not done quickly. I like holding for a count of two. I have to tell you, though — at least for me, teaching or learning proper exercise motion by reading instructions is brutally difficult.

I strongly suggest that you shop around for a trainer you really trust and then hire them at least for one session to specifically target these areas and have them teach you the proper form on your body. There are probably a half dozen other good ab exercises that you could lean effectively in a fairly short period of time.

This is really a case of a picture — or in your case, a demonstration, using your own body — is worth a thousand words.

Jonny Bowden, M.A., C.N., C.N.S.
Certified Nutrition Specialist

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