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    Lose Weight with a Treadmill


               Makeup Tips: Part One by Lori Markham


Foundation and Powders:

  • To avoid looking dated (especially on photos), keep your makeup simple and natural. (Hint: use colors belonging to the same family.)

  • Make sure your foundation (base) is sheer and light to prevent caking. Apply it on a clean and moisturised face. Use a little bit at a time and blend it well either using your fingers or cosmetic sponge, whichever you prefer. A damp sponge would be of some help too.

    Note:  One way to prevent bacteria on your hand from getting into that bottle of foundation and contaminating it, is to pour the foundation onto a clean sponge first, and then let your fingers pick it up from there.

  • The foundation shade that is right for you is one that should disappear into your skin.

  • Don't forget to blend foundation around hairline, ears, jawline, upper neck, eyelids and lips.
    face powder
  • Powdering after foundation helps set the foundation, absorbs oil and serves as a boost for a flawless look.

  • Never add translucent face powder when your face starts to "oil." This makes for an instant cake-like mess! Use a face mist spray instead, afterwhich blot with tissue before applying face powder. Another easy way to control oil is to blot using oil-absobing papers. They are a great alternative to applying more powder.

  • Foundations with ingredients that reflect light make skin radiant and blemish free.

  • Thick foundation can be mixed with some light moisturizer to give a sheer finish.

  • If you are dark-skinned, put on some shimmery loose powder for a radiant look.

  • When there is a pimple or any inflamed patch on the face, apply a soothing natural ointment (containing ingredients like aloe vera) over it before covering with foundation. Or simply leave that area makeup-free until it has healed.

Quick Fixes With Concealers:
  • Use a green concealer if you think you over-blush above acceptable levels. It also hides pimples, blemishes, scars, birthmarks and broken capillaries.

  • Use a yellow concealer to cover up dark colored bruises and dark under-eye circles.

  • Blend some pink/mauve concealer with your regular foundation to help camouflage yellowish bruises and even out uneven yellow-colored skin tone.

  • To hide freckles, choose a foundation that is just slightly darker than the non-freckled area.

  • To cover up dark circles beneath eyes or eye bags, apply some light liquid foundation on the dark areas followed by a concealer that is lighter than your foundation. Blend well.

    It will also be beneficial to apply some gentle eye cream onto the dark circles before you put on foundation.

  • Birthmark : If it's getting in your way, especially when its on the neck, shoulder or arm, look for creams that are specially formulated to camouflage birthmarks. Select the shade closest to your neck's color. After application, blend together with foundation and loose powder extending beyond the birthmark area for a less obvious look.

  • One quick fix for a pimple : dab a suitable concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin color before putting on foundation.

  • Concealer can be applied either before or after foundation, just make sure that it is not wiped away while you are blending with foundation. Always start with a small amount of concealer and apply gently in a dabbing motion. Do not rub or exert pressure. After you have completed applying foundation and concealer, set with loose powder.

Cheeks and Blusher:
  • When applying blusher, use sparingly and spread it slightly beyond the cheek area diagonally upwards and blend.

  • To make face look rounder, apply blush straight back on the cheekbone whereas to achieve a more oval face, apply blush diagonally on the cheekbone, towards the temple.
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