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Big Food and Big Government are getting together to decide how much information you'll be allowed to have about low carb products. Do you want the Food and Drug Administration to decide what is low carb and what isn?t?

                    Don?t let them do it without hearing your voice.
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An Explanation of how the FDA Petition Process Works
by Dan Maiullo

With thanks to Claudia Lewis-Eng of Emord & Associates, here is a brief explanation of how FDA handles nutrient content claim petitions.

Within 15 days of receipt of the petition, FDA will forward a letter notifying the petitioner the date on which the petition was received. That letter will inform the petitioner whether the agency intends to review the petition or whether the petition is incomplete and more information is necessary for review.

Within 100 days of the date of receipt of the petition, FDA will inform the petitioner whether the petition is filed or denied. If the petition is denied, the letter will specify the basis of the denial. If the petition is filed, then the date of the notification letter becomes the date for filing. If FDA does not act within 100 days, the petition will be deemed denied unless an extension is mutually agreed upon. Please note that a petition that has been denied or has been deemed denied without filing shall not be made available to the public.

Within 90 days of the date of filing the petition FDA will notifiy the petitioner of whether the petition is denied or the agency will intends to propose a regulation to provide for the new term in the Federal Register. FDA will publish the proposal to amend the regulations for a new term in the Federal Register with 90 days of the date of filing. That letter will announce the availability of the petition for public disclosure.

If FDA does not act within 90 days of the date of filing the petition shall be deemed denied unless an extension is mutually agreed upon.

If FDA issues a proposal, the rulemaking must be completed within 540 days of the date of receipt of the petition. (The 540 days likely does not include any mutually agreed upon extensions.)

As far as I know, FDA has not taken any action on any of the 3 petitions submitted so far for nutrient content claims for carbohydrate.

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