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    Lose Weight with a Treadmill


               5 Great Grooming Tips for Men by Lori Markham


1. Shaving:
Try shaving in a steamy shower for a nice, close shave. Your hair is a lot easier to cut when it?s wet and supple.

The blade should always be sharp even if it means changing it at least once a week.

Are you using shaving foam? Did you know that shaving foams leave an air space between the skin and the foam? This causes a dragging of the razor and could be the reason that you are noticing irritation and even ingrown hair.

2. Get a Manicure:
The fact is, real men do get manicures. Okay, not all men and not all the time, but if you look around you?ll see more men then you think getting their nails buffed to perfection. Relax — they don?t routinely put polish on men?s fingers (unless of course they request it!) but they do get all the dry skin and ragged cuticles taken care of. This is especially important if you work with your hands on a daily basis.

3. Body Care:
Spend some time with your skin; cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize using clean, simple body cleansers and lotions. Masculine rugged features can often mask dry, chapped skin. As you age the skin becomes more dry and may begin to flake — take action now.

If you're reading Low Carb Luxury Magazine, we probably don't have to remind you that nutrition plays a big part in the look of your skin. Low carb guys usually have better skin than those eating sugar, or those avoiding healthy fats.

4. Fragrances:
There are a multitude of fragrances for men. Reconnoiter the cologne counter and try out some of the new pheromone-based musks. When you find one you like, shop around — often the best deals are had through on-line shopping.

5. Hair Color and Cut:
More and more men are coloring their hair but it's still a big secret. For some reason unknown to most women, men feel color is still an area that sits right up there with eating quiche. But why should only women enhance what they already have? Don't you want to be natural too?

This is not the age of Grecian Formula, guys... You've come a long way baby! Think of it as a new experience — something wild. And it's cheaper than a Porsche. Men need change, and looking young keeps you young. As a man, you need to be satisfied also! So don't just sit there — it's time for equality in the Salon.

Today's colors come in such a wide variety that matching your natural hair color is easy. Grey hairs can be matched to your color or if you like your grey we can make it look better! Don't worry; you will not be the only one who colors their hair. But it will look so natural, only your hairdresser will know for sure!

Picking a Salon is not so easy, but when you find the right one you won't be disappointed. Try your wife's Salon ... you might not want to, though. It's a secret how much they pay.

Go short if you?re balding. Opting for a comb-over just dates your look. Get comfortable with your changing look and opt for a modern short haircut.

So don't procrastinate! Book that appointment, or at least go in for a consultation. Sit back and enjoy your new transformation. I bet your Salon won't serve any quiche, but may have some specialty coffee, or drink. They may even have a Bud Light somewhere.

Grooming Tip: Have your stylist or barber trim your eyebrows when you get your hair cut and don't be afraid to tweeze any strays.

Copyright © June 2004  Lori Markham and Low Carb Luxury

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