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   Lora Ruffner
   Neil Beaty

   Lori Markham

   Jeff Gore

   Steven Beaty

      Joan Hedman

      Debbie Judd, RN

      Mark Uhrmacher

      Jonny Bowden, M.A., C.N.S.

      Cerise Cauthron

      Bill Beaty

      Olivia Morten

     Michael R. Eades, M.D.
     Eades Scientific

     Joy Pape, RN BSN CDE
     Pres., Enjoy Life! LLC.

     Mark Uhrmacher
     V.P., Expert Foods

     Fred Pescatore, M.D., MPH
     Integrative Medicine

     Arne Bey
     C.E.O., Keto Foods

 Expert Foods

Low Carb Energy Magazine We want to remind everyone that's been wondering about where to get a great print magazine for the low carb lifestyle, that we are now in partnership with Low Carb Energy Magazine. We suggest you sign up for a subscription right away!

LowCarb Energy will debut on newsstands May 4, 2004. Each issue of the magazine will offer wellness and fitness features, over 50 recipes, nutrition information, weight loss advice, personal support, and helpful tips!

Low Carb Luxury's Lora Ruffner joins as Low Carb Energy's Associate Publisher, and LCL's Neil Beaty joins as LCE's new Art Director.

The founders of both Low Carb Energy and Low Carb Luxury will join forces to provide extensive coverage and thoughtful viewpoints to the men and women participating in the low-carb revolution. Our team's mutual goal is to motivate readers to embrace a healthy lifestyle while helping them navigate the growing body of research and quickly expanding maze of products in the marketplace.   Sign up today!

                                       Lora and Neil

Cover photo "Spring Blossoms" Copyright © 2004  Neil Beaty for Low Carb Luxury


Product Of The Month
Our product review team features a "Product Of The Month" in each issue of our magazine. These products are a group consensus of those we find to be the most innovative, healthy, tasty, and/or helpful to the low-carber's daily dietary regime.

                    Megan's Low Carb Sugar Free Candied Pecans...

Megan's Candied Pecans
Now here's a treat we're thrilled to recommend because we're kinda hooked on 'em here at Low Carb Luxury. They're the new low carb (sugar free / Splenda sweetened) candied pecans from
Megan's Pecans. I think these qualify as our latest obsession.  ; )

We first discovered them while attending the Natural Foods Expo in Anaheim last month. And we couldn't get enough, so we knew we had to have our reviewers try them. Everyone agreed they're a winner!

Megan's Candied Pecans come in four flavors:
Caramel, Cinnamon, Orange Spice, and Butter Rum. Everyone quickly found a "favorite flavor" but the Butter Rum came out in first place with the Orange Spice a close second!

Megan's Candied Pecans One 2-oz serving (1/2 of a 4 oz box) is 8 grams of total carbs minus 5 grams of fiber for a net carb count of 3 grams. They contain no sugar alcohols or trans fats.

Their stylish little containers make them ideal for gifts or adding to gift baskets, and we found they were a great snack for "on the road" or on a plane. They're delish; they're low carb, and they offer up all the health benefits of pecans. So what are you waiting for?

They're available from The Low Carb Connoisseur or from Supplement Health.


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