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Featured Articles
 Sugar Alcohol Syndrome
 Springtime Recipes
 Notes From The Field
 An Open Letter to Mother
 Here's What's New!
 The New Aromatherapy
 Jonny Bowden Weighs In
 Manda's Story
 It's A Jungle Out There
 5 Ways to Beautiful Skin
 Make It Low Carb!
 Snapshot: Longhorn Steaks



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               What's New?

Your Future is at Stake: Get Involved!

Big Food and Big Government are getting together to decide how much information you'll be allowed to have about low carb products. Do you want the Food and Drug Administration to decide what is low carb and what isn?t?

                    Don?t let them do it without hearing your voice.
            Sign the Low Carb Consumers League Petition Now!

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Once you've downloaded and printed the petition, you can either:

  • FAX it to us Toll-Free at 1 (800) 860-9486
  • Mail it to us at:
                Low Carb Consumers' League
                ATTN: Petition Clerk
                P.O. Box 62
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In the Low Carb Arena:

Restaurants continuing the low carb trend...
As we find more and more establishments tailoring their menus to their low carb clientele, we'll let you know. And if you know of a restaurant chain that's just taken the low-carb plunge, write and let us know! Some of these might make our "Snapshot Reviews" in the future!
Hotels follow suit...

Sheraton Hotels Espouse the Atkins Lifestyle
This month, Sheraton introduces its Lo-Carb Lifestyle initiative, which the company claims is the most extensive line of low-carb offerings in the hotel industry. These offerings include all-new low-carb restaurant menus, room-service offerings, cocktails and to-go snacks—with most menu items coming in at less than 5 grams of Net Carbs. The company also has developed a special low-carb banquet menu for conferences and social functions. Even the ubiquitous "pillow chocolate" will now contain less than 1 gram of Net Carbs. The program debuts in 200 Sheraton hotels across North America next month and is expected to launch overseas later this year.

Hyatt Adds Low Carb Entr?es
Like Sheraton, Chicago-based Hyatt Hotels Corporation has introduced nine new low-carb entr?es at more than 100 of its hotels. Offerings include bacon-wrapped turkey medallions, short ribs with cauliflower pur?e and a hot smoked-salmon quesadilla. These entr?es, each with 20 grams or less of Net Carbs, will be available in restaurants, via room service and for banquets.

Low-Carb Wines on the horizon...

A new ruling by the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau will allow wine makers to include calorie and carb contents on their labels.


Neil's Photo of The Month:
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New Features at Low Carb Luxury:

  • The Low Carb Luxury Panel of Experts:
    We know it's hard to know who to trust sometimes... on the internet, or in any other venue. And with all the confusion in the low carb industry, it hasn't gotten any easier. So Low Carb Luxury maintains a panel of experts in their field... people known and relied upon in the low carb world. People whose words you can trust.
  • Industry Shows and Events:
    As the low carb industry has continued to grow and become embraced by mainstream outlets, more and more events, shows, conferences, and summits are held to fine-tune our direction. On this page, we'll keep you updated on the newest shows coming up, those we'll be participating in, and report on those that have taken place.

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