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  Megan's Pecans


The Easter Bunny     A Bunny's Tale...

From time to time, unimaginative people have questioned the ability of the busy Easter Bunny to produce all those Easter eggs. Anyone who ponders deeply on this question will figure out the answer ? the bunny has a special arrangement with the chickens.

That's right, the chickens are in on it. Long disturbed by the rather routine look of their eggs ? white and brown, white and brown ? the chickens were delighted when the bunny offered to decorate their eggs with a rainbow of colors.

Colored eggs unruffled the feathers and raised the self-esteem of the chickens. They doubled their egg production during the crucial pre-spring period so they could supply the bunny with all the eggs he needed. Free of charge!

On the night before Easter, the head bunny (aka "THE Easter Bunny) and all of his helpers (you didn't think he did this all by himself, did you?) gather with great excitement in the Great Hall of the Rabbits. Moving at an incredible speed and working themselves into a veritable Saturday night fever, the bunnies work together to dye all the eggs, weave a variety of Easter baskets and create the strangely colored Easter grass!

                    Happy Easter!
                        Lora and Neil

Cover photo "Easter Treats" Copyright © 2004  Neil Beaty for Low Carb Luxury


Low Carb Energy Magazine We want to remind everyone that's been wondering about where to get a great print magazine for the low carb lifestyle, that we are now in partnership with Low Carb Energy Magazine. We suggest you sign up for a subscription right away!

LowCarb Energy will debut on newsstands May 4, 2004. Each issue of the magazine will offer wellness and fitness features, over 50 recipes, nutrition information, weight loss advice, personal support, and helpful tips!

Low Carb Luxury's Lora Ruffner joins as Low Carb Energy's Associate Publisher, and LCL's Neil Beaty joins as LCE's new Art Director.

The founders of both Low Carb Energy and Low Carb Luxury will join forces to provide extensive coverage and thoughtful viewpoints to the men and women participating in the low-carb revolution. Our team's mutual goal is to motivate readers to embrace a healthy lifestyle while helping them navigate the growing body of research and quickly expanding maze of products in the marketplace.   Sign up today!

Product Of The Month
Our product review team features a "Product Of The Month" in each issue of our magazine. These products are a group consensus of those we find to be the most innovative, healthy, tasty, and/or helpful to the low-carber's daily dietary regime.

                                                      Heinz One Carb Ketchup
Heinz One Carb Ketchup
Ketchup on burgers; ketchup on hot dogs; ketchup on meatloaf. We're a ketchup obsessed society, so many of us tend to feel a little deprived when we have to say "no thanks" to adding it to our usual fare. But the newest entry from
Heinz means you can pour it on and love every bite. Their new One Carb Ketchup tastes like... well... ketchup.

It's sweetened with Splenda and offers up just the right mix of spices to make it taste like what you're used to. A one-tablespoon serving offers up only 1 carb. So yeah, if you're like most of us and one tablespoon isn't going to be enough for you, you don't have to feel guilty about having two... or even three.

Regular ketchup contains 4 to 6 carbs per tablespoon (and contains more sugar than some candies), so if you're a more-than-one-tbsp kinda person, this will really save you some carbs! (And regular ketchup is sweetened with high fructose corn syrup... a definite no-no.)

If you're wondering about the other ingredients, rest assured, there's nothing unhealthy in here... just tomato, vinegar, salt, onion powder, spices, and sucralose (Splenda.) So go ahead... cover that burger!

It's available nationwide in most groceries. Some stores stock it with other ketchups; some with specialty low carb or diet foods. Enjoy!


Carborite Chocolate Coconut Bars
Carborite Chocolate Coconut Bars

Did you ever like Almond Joys or Mounds Bars? If so, try the new bars from Carborite! 0g of carbs for the Chocolate Coconut and only 1g of carbs for the Chocolate Coconut Almond! Click here to order.

Carb Fit Twirls Carb Fit Twirls

Try the new Carb Fit Twirls! They make a great snack, and only 5 grams of net carbs. This delightful corkscrew-shaped snack is sure to please even the most selective of appetites. They're all natural, contain no hydrogenated oils, no trans fat and are made with no genetically engineered ingredients. They are the perfect snack for low carb living.  Click here to order.

And we have Atkins Advantage Bars on special for only $1.79 per bar!

Wouldn't it be nice to have a low carb store in your town?

Wouldn't it be nice to have a low carb store in your town? Why not open your own Castus Low Carb Superstore? Find out about franchise opportunities at


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