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The Latest News

UDF Offers Low Carb Shakes and Ice Cream United Dairy Farmers Offering
Low Carb Shakes and Ice Cream:

United Dairy Farmers (UDF), a chain of convenience dairy stores based in Cincinnati, Ohio has begun offering low carb shakes and ice creams at their ice-cream parlor locations.

The ice creams come in at 2 net carbs for Vanilla, 6 net carbs for Caramel Royale, and 4 net carbs for Double Chocolate. The big frosty shakes come in at 12 net carbs.

All are made with their new low carb Homemade Brand Ice Cream — an exclusive of UDF. We found them all quite delicious! UDF Stores are located across Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky (you can find your nearest location at their site.)

                              United Dairy Farmers Net Carb Shakes

Holiday Inn Offers Low Carb Inspiration Menu Holiday Inn Offers Low Carb Inspiration Menu

Holiday Inn. On Monday, all 1,000 Holiday Inns nationwide will roll out a "Low-Carb Inspirations" breakfast menu. While the menu is still being developed, two initial items will be a South of the Border skillet with 8 grams of carbohydrates and a Complete Omelet with 7 grams.

The motivation for the menu was that guests kept ordering breakfast items with low-carb substitutions. "We're convinced that Atkins isn't a fad," says Mark Snyder, Holiday Inn senior vice president of brand management.

Next month, all 1,300 Holiday Inn Express motels will begin promoting carrot-walnut muffins with 9 carb grams at their breakfast bars, says Jenifer Ziegler, senior vice president of Holiday Inn Express.

Denny's to offer Low Carb selections Denny's to Offer Low Carb Selections:

Denny's. In mid-April, all 1,645 domestic Denny's restaurants will add special menu sections denoting low-carb items. "Consumer demand is clear," says Margaret Jenkins, chief marketing officer at Denny's.

Such familiar breakfast items as eggs, ham, bacon and sausage will be highlighted in the section.

But the chain's menu planners are still wrestling with what if anything to offer as a low-carb substitute for pancakes or toast, Jenkins says.

Doritos Edge Frito-Lay to Announce Low Carb Chips!

Frito-Lay will announce Wednesday Doritos Edge and Tostitos Edge. The chips, in stores this spring, use soy proteins and fiber to lower carbohydrates to 9 grams per ounce vs. 17 grams for the traditional chips.

"Innovation fuels our business, and we're committed to delivering the type of innovation that continues to grow both our base business as well as our better-for-you business," said Stephen Quinn, chief marketing officer, Frito-Lay North America, in a statement.

           UDF Counter Photos Copyright © 2004  Neil Beaty
           Cover Photo, "Soup's On" Copyright © 2004  Neil Beaty / Beaty Gallery


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