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    July 18, 2003    PAGE EIGHT      
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          Dear Aunt Sissy

                                                         "Advice is what we ask for when we
                                              already know the answer but wish we didn't."
                                                                      Erica Jong

Dear Aunt Sissy,

I finally have enough money to buy a new truck. My wife says I need to get a van. My best friend says I need to buy a corvette. I'm torn. What should I do?

                                                                                    Troubled in Tampa

Dear Troubled,

I suggest you check out the Chevrolet Avalanche. This truck can go from a 6 passenger SUV to a 3 passenger full-size pickup in a matter of minutes. Your wife will be happy, and you'll still have your truck. As for your friend... he must be single.

                                                                Keep Smiling, Okay?


Dear Aunt Sissy,

I am planning on going on a first date with a guy for the first time. What would be a good place to go for our first date?

                                                                                    Dating in Daytona

Dear Dating,

Call me "Old Fashioned". I think you should consult your Date and find a place you both can enjoy together. For example: a picnic on the beach, a movie, or a game of Frisbee Golf. If you can't agree on something, then maybe this isn't the guy for you.

                                                                Keep Smiling, Okay?


Dear Aunt Sissy,

My friend is a crazy driver and I'm afraid to ride with him. How can I make him a better driver?

                                                                                    Worried in Wyoming

Dear Worried,

I'd be worried too. Unfortunately, you can't make him a better driver. Try driving him around for a change. If all else fails, make sure your Will is up to date.

                                                                Keep Smiling, Okay?


Dear Aunt Sissy,

I have a roommate and she's a slob. I'm not a "Neat Freak," but I get tired of doing her dirty dishes left in the sink or, better yet, looking for the dishes she's left in her bedroom with her filthy clothes. (We won't even get into the bathroom problems.) What's a girl to do?

                                                                                    Unfriendly Maid

Dear Unfriendly,

Ick. Ever heard of paper plates? This may accentuate your problem, but at least it will all be disposable. Sounds like your roomate needs to start cleaning up after herself, or you need to start looking for a new roomate!

                                                                Keep Smiling, Okay?


Dear Aunt Sissy,

One of my friends won't stop making fun of me. I tell him to stop, but he won't. He says he's only messing around, but I'm sick of it.

                                                                                    Annoyed in Alabama

Dear Annoyed,

What's that on your shirt?      Gotcha!

                                                                Keep Smiling, Okay?

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