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Is your child a Low Carb Kid?

Since starting our Talking Low Carb forums, we've received many requests to add a forum for kids. Most parents that are doing some form of low carbing have learned enough about the dangers of sugar, and Low Carb Kids forums the goodness of nutrition, to have put their child on some form of lowered carb and/or lowered sugar regime. These kids need a place to interact, talk on their own level, share ideas, and discuss how they handle it when other kids push sugar at them.

So we've created a special part of Talking Low Carb that's Just for Kids (and their parents), where they can be themselves. It's for kids age 5 thru 15.

If you'd like to sign YOUR child up for the Low Carb Kids Forum, please sign him/her up via the form below. Please note: You must also be a registered member in order to sign up your child.

To protect the safety and privacy of the children, non-registered and guest users will not be able to view the Kids' forums. Registered members WITHOUT signed up children may read the forums, but may not post. Parents and Registered "Low Carb Kids" may do both.

                                                          ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED
Child's Name
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Product Of The Month
Our product review team features two (2) "Products Of The Month" one in each issue of
our magazine. These products will be the group consensus of those we find to be the
most innovative, healthy, tasty, and/or helpful to the low-carber's daily dietary regime.

Colac Chocolate Topping Colac Toppings!

It's ice cream season, folks! (Okay, so I eat ice cream year-round... not everyone does.) And whether you make your own (we have recipes here at the site!), you use a mix, or you buy your favorite sugarfree ice cream ready made, you're going to want some great toppings to "do it up." We love it when we get to review ice cream toppings! Could there be a more fun job? This time, we took the new
Colac Toppings out for a spin!

There are some yummy choices:
Strawberry, Passionfruit, and of course Chocolate! Traditional or not, we loved the Chocolate the most. It can hardly be distinguished from real Hershey's Syrup. It's thick and deep, and it just feels sinful. We made (of course) Chocolate nut sundaes (we used LeCarb Vanilla as our base) and oh, oh, oh... Choco-holics rejoice! This is good stuff. Be careful, though, and just don't overdo. It's made with maltitol.

Pour it over any frozen treat or low carb dessert. And yes, you can make chocolate milk with it too... mix it with a tiny bit of slightly warmed cream, then pour in cold half-and-half and a little cold water. Mix well, and enjoy! And if you heat this syrup/topping before pouring over ice cream, consider adding a little DaVinci sugarfree vanilla, caramel, or peanut butter syrup to this rich chocolate. Yum! Colac Topping

Now let's talk about fruit toppings, because these were also quite good. They are even better over low carb pancakes or crepes, and over cheesecake, they add a remarkable level of "wow". Again, these are made with maltitol plus real fruit, so don't go crazy. But we'd definitely buy these for our families.

Carbs according to the labels are 1 effective gram, but they take off all the maltitol carbs. If you're sensitive, it's best to consider these 5 to 7 carbs per serving.

All three flavors in 13.3 oz Bottles are available from The Low Carb Dieter's Page. The Chocolate is available in a large (45 oz) Food Service size squeeze bottle from The Low Carb Connoisseur.

Low Carb Connoisseur

New Russell Stover Low Carb Candy
is at Low Carb Connoisseur!

New Russell Stover Low Carb Candy
Low Carb Connoisseur is proud to present Russell Stover's new line of "low carb" candies Now you can enjoy your Russell Stover favorites without the carbohydrates. Satisfy your sweet tooth with our new "low carb" Mint Patties, Toffee Squares, and Pecan Delights. Enjoy the great taste, low carbs and low price! Only $1.39 per two piece package!

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Low Carb Connoisseur — we put the Dash in!   


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