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CarbSense Pizza Crust Mix

Synergy Diet


                                          "When the pain of remaining the same is greater
                                              than the pain of change, then change will come."
                                                                              L.A. Praude

Opportunity Have you ever wished your local stores carried a better selection of low carb products?

Have you thought about starting a business, but don't want to give up what you do full time, or invest a lot of capital?

Pleasantville Cookie Company is expanding rapidly into wholesale markets across the U.S. and is looking for enthusiastic and knowledgeable low carbers to introduce our cookies, bake mixes, flavor essences, spices and more to your local retailers and make a commission for doing so.

If you're excited about the low carb lifestyle, want to see stores in your area carrying a high quality, gourmet line of low carb products, and especially if you are already a happy Pleasantville customer, we'd like to hear from you.

Go to: and fill out a brief pre-qualification questionnaire to get started.

                Pleasantville Cookie Company and Mama Wisa brand products.

                       To place an order for any of their products, click here.


Low Carb Kids forums Is your child a Low Carb Kid?

Since starting our Talking Low Carb forums, we've received many requests to add a forum for kids. Most parents that are doing some form of low carbing have learned enough about the dangers of sugar, and the goodness of nutrition, to have put their child on some form of lowered carb and/or lowered sugar regime. These kids need a place to interact, talk on their own level, share ideas, and discuss how they handle it when other kids push sugar at them.

So we've created a special part of Talking Low Carb that's Just for Kids (and their parents), where they can be themselves. It's for kids age 5 thru 15.

If you'd like to sign YOUR child up for the
Low Carb Kids Forum, please sign him/her up via the form below. Please note: You must also be a registered member in order to sign up your child.

To protect the safety and privacy of the children, non-registered and guest users will not be able to view the Kids' forums. Registered members WITHOUT signed up children may read the forums, but may not post. Parents and Registered "Low Carb Kids" may do both.

                                                          ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED
Child's Name
User Name ("handle"):
Child's Email
Parents' Email
Month Day Year
(5 to 10 characters)

Keto Foods
Luscious Semolina Taste & Texture... Just 5 g Carbs/Serving!
Low Carb KETO Spaghetti Is Here!
You Can Love the Taste of Spaghetti Again!

KETO SPAGHETTI Yes, we've conquered the low carb spaghetti taste barrier... So you can enjoy really delicious KETO SPAGHETTI without worrying about carbohydrates!
  • Keto Spaghetti is low carb just 5 grams effective carbs per serving!
  • It's high protein 22 grams per serving for more energy and much longer lasting hunger relief.
  • It's low calorie with just 110 calories!
  • And of course, it's zero fat.
It's the guilt-free spaghetti that's got all the nutritional bases covered plus a taste and texture that are simply amazing! That's why Keto Spaghetti is the perfect meal for all low carb/high protein dieters or anyone watching their weight. Safe for diabetics. Check out Low Carb Luxury's review of Keto Spaghetti!  Bon Appetit!

Net Wt. 8 oz. (226 g) 6 servings.

Keto Spaghetti is available online from The Low Carb Connoisseur and netrition, or to find a store near you, visit


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