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            "Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father." — Lydia M. Child

Father's Day Want to really make Dad's Day? If you're looking for ideas for the kids to do for their dad, I picked up some pretty good ones from Hallmark that I'd like to share with you:
  • You've Been Framed: Gather photographs of dad from childhood to the present, and frame them all together in a photo collage. (An alternate option is to frame pictures of him as a child alongside pictures of his own children at about the same age.)

  • The Way to His Heart: Have a theme party based on the food you're serving. Example: For "A Steak-Out," you'll serve steak (what else?) and plan an activity like a "whodunit" game or send dad on a scavenger hunt to find his gifts. Or, have a "Hooked on Dad" party and serve seafood. Decorate with an ocean theme, make it a pool party, you get the idea. (Make sure everyone at the party tells him at least once that he's the catch of the day.)

  • From the Tool Box: For the handyman dad, have the kids make him a new tool box. Decorate a shoebox to use as the "tool box." Then make him tools out of poster board or construction paper (laminate it if you like). Write little quips for dad on the tools, like: Saw "You're the best Dad I ever SAW." Hammer "My Dad is waaaay tougher than nails."

  • Nuts & Bolts: "I love when Dad gets a little nutty." Pliers "Nothing can pull me away from my Dad." On the outside of the tool box, write "For the Best Dad Ever Built."

  • Just Like Daddy: Dress up the kids in Dad's clothes. (The bigger, the better.) Take a photograph of them, have it enlarged and write the caption, "I wanna be just like you, Daddy!"

  • Pennant Winner: Make a pennant from fabric or paper. Use fabric paint or markers to write Dad I'm Your Biggest Fan!

  • Dear Dad: A nice activity for older kids have them write Dad a letter thanking him for everything he's taught them and describing the most important things they've learned from him.

  • Following in Your Footsteps: Great for babies and toddlers place their footprints on good quality paper that you can frame. Add a caption that says, "Following in My Daddy's Footsteps." (Make sure you date it.)

Product Of The Month
Our product review team features two (2) "Products Of The Month" one in each issue of
our magazine. These products will be the group consensus of those we find to be the
most innovative, healthy, tasty, and/or helpful to the low-carber's daily dietary regime.

Expert Foods' Cake-Ability!

Expert Foods Cake-ability Looking to make dad a cake for his special day? Or any cake for anyone, for that matter...

The people at
Expert Foods are (pardon the pun) experts at innovative ideas for cooking and baking. And with their "Cake-ability", they've hit on another winner. This amazing mix allows you to mix 1/2 cup of their product with your favorite nut flour, eggs, sweetener, and liquid (water, soda, DaVinci, etc), and voila — you have a cake with a texture that very closely resembles commercial cake-mix textures for an exceptionally low carb cake! And if the liquid you use is DaVinci Sugarfree Syrup, you may not need to add the carbs from granulated sweeteners.

The package back label contains recipes for a standard (any flavor) cake, a basic chocolate cake, a chocolate torte, banana bread, or muffins. Plus hints and tips for make other flavors and varieties. And guess what? They're all easy and they all work!

Cakes We tried making the cakes with three different nut flours — almond (we used a very fine ground blanched almond flour), which gives the most traditional texture and taste; pecan flour, which gives a rich praline flavor to cakes and is super with spices like cinnamon, cloves, etc.; and with macadamia nut flour, which gave us the most moist results, and a sweet nutty taste. You can always mix your nut flours, too.

The possibilities are nearly endless, and they can be made in loaf pans, round pans, cupcakes, etc. Top with flavored whipped cream, cream cheese frostings, etc. Or just cut in squares and eat as a snack cake.

A 6-oz pouch makes three 1.5 pound cakes (48 servings!)  I can't imagine not using it in my nut-flour cakes anymore! You can order online from The Low Carb Connoisseur

Low Carb Connoisseur
Low Carb Connoisseur is proud to introduce a new line of fine quality,
sugar free Belgian chocolates by Cavalier Chocolatiers.

Cavalier Sugar Free Belgian Chocolates
Cavalier Solid Dark Bar.
This large 1.55 oz bar has only one effective carb and is the most delicious dark chocolate bar we have tasted. As in all Cavalier products — the sugar is replaced with the sweetener Maltitol.

Cavalier does not contain artificial sweeteners — no artificial colors and no preservatives. DELICIOUS!

Woodies Belgian Chocolate SticksWoodies Belgian Chocolate Sticks
— a crispy hazelnut wafer inside combined with soft hazelnut cream. Perfect for a mid morning snack or when you just need a little something sweet. 2 effective carbs per stick!

Free Shipping!
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