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Volume III / Number 23: December 13, 2002: Page 7
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      Special Feature
Meet The Merchant
                                                 A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation
                                                              with the bricks that others throw at him or her.

Beginning with this issue, Low Carb Luxury will be bringing you a new feature called "Meet The Merchant" that will allow you, the reader (and shopper) to get a better "look" at the merchants we all deal with. There's a nice "comfort level" that comes with knowing something about the merchant to whom you trust your shopping needs. This issue features the folks at Keto Foods and is written by Arne Bey, President and CEO of Life Services - Keto Foods & Snacks.

Keto Foods


Keto can trace its humble beginnings back to 1987! Fifteen years ago we were a small mail order supplement company in a walk up second story office on the main street of the tiny Jersey shore village of Atlantic Highlands. By 1990, demand for our Designer Foods had reached the point where we were able to build a small manufacturing laboratory and new offices in Neptune, New Jersey.

From the very beginning, our approach to nutrition has been based on the pioneering research and scientific approach of award-winning scientists, Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw. In fact, Durk & Sandy’s groundbreaking best-seller, The Life Extension Weight Loss Program published in 1988, was the very first book to popularize the powerful effects of The Glycemic Index (a measure of blood sugar response caused by various foods) on weight loss and lean muscle synthesis! As a result of Pearson & Shaw’s work, by 1998 we were able to make important connections between the glycemic index of food and carbohydrate reduction popularized by Robert C. Atkins, M.D. and Mary Dan and Michael R.. Eades, M.D.’s etc., which formed the scientific basis upon which we launched Keto Foods & Snacks.

The Birth of Keto Foods & Snacks – How it Really Happened!

On a more personal level, the birth of Keto is actually a “necessity is the mother of invention” tale!

Back in March of 1997 while on vacation, my wondrous, beautiful (11 year younger) wife Caron brought along the Atkins Weight Loss book. I was sure she was trying to tell me something…like….“hubby, you’re getting way too chubby!”

The good news is I finished the book in two sittings, understood the science, followed the diet and quickly lost 15 pounds. I quickly realized low carb was no “diet” at all. It’s a lifestyle!

But it seemed as if there was nothing for a “low carber” like me to eat! I couldn’t live on bacon and eggs and smoked salmon every day. I missed bread, pasta, ice cream, chips and breakfast cereals way too much. I felt like low carb living was a desert wasteland too inhospitable for a mere mortal to inhabit! But low carb weight loss was incredibly effective. I felt more energy and optimism than I had in years! Being thin, aerodynamic (and more attractive to my wife) was too self-satisfying to just roll over and give up!

The Tale of the Keto Elves!

By October of 1998, it seemed as if I was continually desperate for anything sweet. At the same time a former employee (who I had fired the previous year for his complete inability to arrive before noon) showed up unannounced and… well, just started working! Before I could say, “what the hell is he doing here?” my V.P., Dan Maiullo whispered, “Just let him be. I think he’s a very talented guy”.

As it turned out, our once and future lead Elf, Petey, had been living low carb for more than ten years, was a big fan of Dr. Atkins and had enjoyed a long and friendly association with the good Dr. and the Atkins Center! To this day, I’m still not sure whether he was an Atkins consultant, employee or just an Atkins “groupie”! It doesn’t matter, because the rest, as they say, is “history!”

Actually, Petey is a degreed nutritionist, with both a clinical and food science background and he’s a talented athlete. He’s also a very intuitive, sweet and willful guy. He knew darned well that I was desperately craving sweets and carbs. So, preying upon my weakness, Petey begged and pleaded with me to develop a low carb shake. You have to remember, this was 1998, ancient low carb history! So frankly, I thought he was crazy.

Sure, Life Services had developed and manufactured shakes before, but none had ever caused any excitement. So, because I was personally desperate for something sweet, filling, and low carb, Petey simply ignored by objections and went ahead and developed what would be come our best-selling Keto Shakes!

Not only was I thrilled to have something of very high quality to eat; something that would satisfy my sweet and carb cravings, but I was bowled over by the Keto Shake volumes, which instantly achieved 3 or 4 times greater sales than any shake we had ever produced!

Keto Shake sales continued rocketing skyward so we kept introducing new flavors! We now have 8. Emboldened by our Keto Shake success, month after month Petey kept trotting into my office with platters full of Keto Pancake and Muffins, Keto Breads, Keto Syrup, Keto Ice Creams, Keto Chips, Keto Cereals, with new surprises every month… until today, with more than 100 products, Keto offers the largest selection of delicious low carb foods and snacks in the world!

Now 5 years down the low carb road, Keto is available in a fast growing base of more than 5,000 health food stores across the nation! We’ve attracted a strong, team of dedicated low carb employees, built two plants, a large distribution warehouse center and our own state of the art protein bar facility. Petey is now working with a talented staff of Keto Elves, traveling all over the country, and he’s become nutritional consultant to the NFL’s Kansas City Chief’s!

And by the way, Petey still can’t show up for work much before noon! But you gotta love’em and those Keto Elves!

The Future of Keto and the Low Carb Trend!

Today, more than 35 million Americans are reported to be reducing carbohydrates. A growing stream of published low carb research studies suggest positive benefits for weight loss, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, some cancers, seizure disorders, osteoporosis/bone density, acne and the aging process itself!

Here in Keto Land, we understand quite well the health consequences of maintaining a low carb lifestyle. We understand the practical realities and challenges of making low carb foods every bit as enjoyable as their high carb cousins. We understand that taste satisfaction can make all the difference between low carb success and good health and low carb failure and increased risk for obesity and disease! The stakes are high. That’s what drives us, motivates us and inspires us every day!

Our entire Keto family is grateful and honored to have the opportunity to contribute to the well-being and happiness of so many.

Arne Bey
President, CEO
Life Services – Keto Foods & Snacks

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