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Volume III / Number 19: October 11, 2002: Page 7
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      Answering Mail
Shopping Locally
                                                                         "Never face facts
                                                                    If you do you'll never get up in the morning"

                                                                         Marlo Thomas

When we answered Bill Elliot in last month's issue about local healthfood & grocery stores, we mentioned what was available in our own area (Dayton/Southwest Ohio.) It created a flurry of letters from low carbers in our area wanting help finding these stores. (One such letter is below.) We also received a letter from a woman in the Seattle/Spokane area with a suggestion for buying locally. So for those of you in these areas, we hope this can be of some help. And if we begin to get a lot of good shopping info on other areas, we'll try and do this again. Who knows? Maybe we could actually build a bit of a database for such information.

Dear Lora,

First let me thank you for your site. I really enjoy your newsletters and have referred many people who are interested in starting low carb to your site because I think that it has great variety, great recipes and a great personal touch. Second, I would like to ask you a question referring to your answer to Bill Elliott in the last newsletter. I live at the other end of US 35 in Eaton, Ohio. I know that you live in Xenia, home of the tornadoes, although Eaton has also had its share over the years. Anyway, can you tell me the name of the grocery store that you refer to in your article. I would like to find a grocery with a good selection of low carb foods, but have not been able to find anything like a whole AISLE of items. I would be willing to travel to the other side of Dayton if I could save some of the horrendous shipping and handling charges that I have paid for some items. Thanks again for the website. I continue to recommend it as the best one I have found.


Eaton, Ohio

Dear Connie,

Dorothy Lane Markets have Boar's Head organic meats and cheeses, Applegate Farms meats (all no sugars added), specialty dairy (heavy fat - no trans fats) items like Creme Fraiche, and Mascarpone (the blue Italian container, not the green American one,) and even pasturized pure egg yoks by the carton for making nogs or baking with etc. They also carry pre-made deli chicken (unbreaded) that does contain a trace of sugar in the seasoning, but it's less than the salt, and is still zero carb. I eat it once a week at least and it's never disturbed ketosis. They have the best ground beef in the state, and have a salad bar made for a low-carber (with both hard boiled egg halves and whole ones, multiple cheeses, real bacon, and even strawberries and melon.)

They have a small Atkins/Low Carb area, but I'm told they'll be explanding it soon. They also have a nice selection of transfat free oils for cooking, and they have organic nuts that are super-fresh.

The bulk of my low carb specialty products are found at: Health Foods Unlimited at 2108 Miamisburg Centerville Rd. They have it all — Keto, Carbolite, Atkins, and everything else. All the pastas, the mixes, etc. And they have low carb breads and rolls in their refrigerator cases in the back. They are pretty much grocery store size.

Lastly, Healthy Alternative Natural Foods at 6204 Wilmington Pike carries a moderate to good selection of LC products, and sometimes has specialty things the others don't. They also have LC breads, including pre-made Atkins breads.

So drive into Dayton and plan to come home with a FULL trunk. [grin] Good luck. Let me know how you make out. :)


Dear Lora,

I live in East Wenatchee, WA, a place most people have never heard of and will never visit in North Central Washington State. We have a store (in Wenatchee, our sister town) called Wenatchee Natural Foods and to my grand fortune, the owner is a low carber and stocks the low carb section herself as her pet project. She has two aisles of low carb products along with frozen and refrigerated items.

I have been in several large health food stores in big cities and nothing has compared to her selection of products at reasonable prices as compared to what I see on the internet. We are very blessed here to have such a place - it is awesome! Many thanks to Kathy Lingo, the owner.

Maybe this would be of interest to any of your readers in our area. People even come from Seattle to shop there. Our town is halfway between Seattle and Spokane.


Debra Tibbitts

Dear Debra,

Thanks for the helpful information. Sounds like you have a real gem there!


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