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Volume III / Number 19: October 11, 2002: Page 2
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                               "Itís amazing what you donít get when you donít ask."
                                                                              - Berney Neufeld

From Lora's Desk During the last several months, I've had occasion to have more lunches (and a few dinners) with several other low carbers I hadn't dined with before. And on a number of those occasions, an issue came up that I had not considered before. The issue: Asking For What You Want.

Seems simple, right? Certainly, we are all quite used to going into most any restaurant and asking a waiter to "put the dressing on the side," or to have "extra lemon in your tea," etc. Somehow, it's perfectly acceptable to do so (as it should be.) But what about extra consideration of meal preparation where low carb is concerned? I agree that you can't ask a busy restaurant to make special sauces or dishes just for you. It's possible that some might be willing to do so if they're not busy and they're especially accomodating, but we should not demand it.

However... what about the very simple? What about asking for certain sandwiches or burgers to be served WITHOUT the bun? As I've learned from extensive traveling for my job (especially this year,) it's not a big deal in some places, but in others, they appear to have been living in caves and don't have a clue as to why you'd ask for such a thing. In fact, they look at you as though you'd asked for a grilled elephant leg.

Dining in such areas... even at a McDonald's for a quick lunch, means getting odd looks and/or comments. I found that some of my dining companions were uncomfortable enough with this treatment that they were simply ordering from the menu, and then discarding the bun later. Sounds easy enough. But it's not the best course of action. And here's why:

  1. When you take it "their way," there goes the cheese since it becomes a cemented partner with that white flour bun. If you try to keep the cheese on, you'll likely get lots of bun sticking to it, and those carbs could certainly be better used elsewhere.

  2. The most important reason: You're not helping your cause, or awareness of the sheer numbers of low carbers out there that need low-carb, no bread choices. If twenty of us all order Quarter Pounders with no bun one afternoon, then the person that comes in an hour later with the same request is less likely (or not likely at all) to get "that look." If ONLY YOU ask for it served "your way," you still increase the liklihood that they'll become accustomed to the request. Groups of low carbers did this in Florida, and the McDonalds in their district all put banners up front proclaiming: "Atkins Dieters! Come on in and let us hold your buns!" Cute and effective.
McDonald's Quarter Pounder WITH Bun We all complain that there's not more awareness or more accomodation for our eating plans, but how many are willing to stand up and ASK for what you want? No matter the looks or the comments. Those are THEIR problems, not yours. And take the time to do the same in other types of restaurants. Don't accept the potatoes, bread, etc and then just leave them (or worse yet, be tempted by them.) Ask for substitutes and alternatives.

A number of restaurants are now offering sugarfree desserts (not always low carb, so ask about ingredients.) But if your favorite restaurant doesn't offer one, start making requests. Some are really simple for them to carry. We all know how easy it is to make a sugarfree cheesecake since they rely on sugar only for sweetening. And sugarfree or NSA ice cream is pretty easy to keep on hand. Or they could offer bowls of cut berries. None of these require restaurants to become well versed in low carb cooking to accomodate you.

          "We donít always get what we deserve, but we often get what we ask for."
                                                                                 - Victor G. Dymowski

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse And lastly, I simply have to give a nod to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. I cannot speak for all of them, and will begin by saying that there are a few out there (usually the franchise ones) that I can't recommend, but I surely have to give credit to the amazing job the one in Columbus, Ohio does for their patrons.

They are probably the single most accomodating restaurant I've ever visited, and they are pleased to do whatever it takes to make you happy. They'll alter dishes, they'll make substitutions, and they understand and respect our dietary concerns. They offer broccoli, asparagus, spinach, and more. On my birthday, after a wonderful meal of shrimp remoulade and filet with extra butter and hollandaise, they brought to my table a tall stemware glass of beautifully cut strawberries with a candle in the center. They apprise me of all ingredients in a dish, and the waiters/waitresses are well informed. It's not a cheap meal, but you'll feel your money's been well-spent. Their managers, Adrian and Debbie will assure your meal is perfection, and our favorite waiters (it pays to ask for them) are Aaron and Nicole. In short, they have our highest recommendation. If you have something special coming up and you're within driving distance, check them out. We drive over an hour each way when we go... they're that good.



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