The Low Carb Luxury Newsletter: 
Volume III / Number 16: August 30, 2002
      Table of Contents
  1. Welcome and "Product Of The Month"
  2. From Lora's Desk: "14-Day Menu Plan"
  3. The Advice Lady Answers Your Questions "The Value of Spinach"
  4. Cooking TLC with Karen Rysavy "Foil The Heat"
  5. America's Favorite Low Carb Restaurant Recipes Part Three
  6. Recipes! "Cauliflower: A Low Carber's Best Friend"
  7. Answering Mail "Headaches"


Wow, it seems that this Summer has just flown by, hasn't it? (Okay, maybe it's just me.. I can't actually remember what "free time" is like.) [grin] But it sure has been a Summer filled with news and articles validating the value of low-carb.

By now, most of you have probably seen this week's issue of Time Magazine with the cover story, "What REALLY Makes You Fat?  Cracking the fat riddle". They look at low-fat vs low-carb, and while they don't out-and-out endorse low carb, they certainly give its science some serious credence and throw water on the crumbling science of low-fat. It's worth the read. Grab a copy and read it! (You can also read the online article here.)

                                                            Happy Holiday Weekend & Happy Low Carbing!

      Product of thr Month

Our product review team will feature 2 (two) "Products Of The Month" one in each issue of our newsletter. These products will be the group consensus of those we find to be the most innovative, tasty, or helpful to the low-carber's daily dietary regime.

  Cinnamon Nutrageous Granola Cereal

Low Carb Success Granola Cereal Recently, our group got to sample the new Cinnamon Nutrageous Granola Cereal from Low Carb Success.

Oh my goodness...  We all just love this stuff!   It's so good, (though it can be really addictive, so please pre-measure your serving and put that bag away!)

A 1/2-cup serving is 1 gram of carbohydrate after deduction of fiber and polyols (maltitol.) (I'm counting each serving as 4 grams of carbs because I allow extra for maltitol.) Still, a wonderful cereal or snack for an extremely low carb count!

They're made with pecans, almonds, wheat bran, flax seed, oats, and more. No preservatives, no hydrogenated oils, and no sugar. Sweetened with Splenda and maltitol. So it's a great source of those healthy essential fats, and gives you a great deal of fiber! All in something this delicious.

You have to get this! It comes in resealable foil-pak bags (9-oz ea.)   You can order it online from
The Low Carb Connoisseur.

Keto Foods
Delicious, Ready-to-Eat...

Italian Style Biscotti — 4 g effective carbs!

KETO CHOCOLATE CHIP BISCOTTI Now you can enjoy incredibly delicious Italian chocolate chip biscotti without all the carbs!

Each Keto Chocolate Chip Biscotti is a light and crunchy, delicately sweet cookie chock-full of sugar-free chocolate pieces — they're scrumptious!

With a mere 4 grams of effective carbohydrate plus 13 grams of energizing, appetite-satisfying protein, each huge Keto Cookie is individually sealed in a cellophane wrapper for freshness, so you can throw them in your purse, briefcase, fanny pack or pocket!

How do we do it? All of our Keto Biscotti are twice baked in the time-honored tradition of Tuscany, Italy. They're made with real eggs and butter to achieve a rich flavor balance that complements the light and crunchy textures and delicate sweetness!

Enjoy delicious Keto Cookies with Keto International Flavored Coffees, Keto Milks or Keto Hot Cocoa. You can crumble them over our fabulous Keto Ice Creams, Keto Sherbets or use them to make low carb pie crusts for your favorite low carb pies!

Keto Cookies are a delicious "on-the-go" breakfast — they're a "must have" on family road trips, long plane rides or ideal as after work or school snacks!

New Chocolate Chip, Vanilla Nut, Chocolate, or Lemon Nut!
Each carton contains 8 huge cookies, individually wrapped.

Available from or call 1-800-542-3230.
Or Visit for our store locator.

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