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Volume III / Number 15: August 13, 2002: Page 3
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      Special Report         

Many of you have written to let us know that an organization calling itself "Atkins Diet Alert" had established a website, and was placing ad banners on health news organizations, search engines, and medical websites. The purpose of this site is to both discredit the Atkins Diet (and all other low carb plans), and to frighten people from staying on the diets, and doctors from recommending them.

Many of you will recognize our feature's author, Theresa Schroeder, from her well thought out contributions to many of the popular low carb discussion lists, and she's put some terrific research into the piece below.

A Special Report by Theresa Schroeder

When I first heard of the website, and decided to check it out, I was mildly alarmed and slightly annoyed. After all, I've done quite a bit of reading and research on my own, and have found that it is typically ignorance from which people speak out against Atkins and low carb diets.

But when I was asked to write an article, and therefore decided to research the organization and the website a bit more indepth, I was seriously appalled and angered. My mild annoyance at their biased views and obvious ignorance of what a low carbohydrate diet really means, turned to shock and dismay at this organization's true agenda, and their underhanded covert tactics.

They promote themselves as an organization concerned with our nutrition and education. Instead, what I found was an organization with close ties to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), an animal rights organization well known for terrorist type actions. The atkinsdietalert website is brought to you by an animal activist group looking to promote a vegan lifestyle in the name of animal rights. They don't want you eating animals, or using any products coming from animals. Period.

The atkinsdietalert website is full of mistruths and misstated half truths, including what information they have on low carb diets (which they insist on calling a "high protein diet", also a misnomer.)

They include a lot of scary sounding information, most of which is not true. Some are true facts, but are distorted to refute the low carb diet. The information on ketosis is absolutely incorrect.

Most of the rest of it is the same old "fat will kill you" propaganda. The fact is, our bodies need good fats. We don't need starchy foods and sugar.

With a name like Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), one would think that the members promoting this website are physicians, right? Not so. Physicians make up only about 5% of the membership.

A look at their main site page reveals their so-called "research" which is tantamount to quackery in my mind. They bring a few people into their office; prescribe their vegan diets; and then provide a few quotes from those who are satisfied with the results. That's research—

As far as the tactics they will turn to in accomplishing their goals... well, that was the scary part. In fact, scare tactics seem to be their prime method of operation. After all, physicians are advised on several pages of potential liability for prescribing a high-protein diet. Consumers are advised to seek legal action if they were not happy with their results. Not to mention all of the terrible things that will happen to your body on a 'high-protein' diet.

What was scary to me is that PCRM President Neal Barnard is PETA's medical and scientific adviser. PETA has also made cash donations to the North American Earth Liberation Front, whom the FBI has called "a domestic terrorist organization".

Associated with those types of organizations... well, who knows what they intend to do with that list of doctors' names they are asking for? They directly advise you that the information you provide is NOT confidential. I don't think I can stress that enough: it is NOT confidential. There is a statement that the information you provide will be passed along to government and health officials. Which government and health officials? They seem to consider themselves health officials. Why do they need a list of doctors who prescribe 'high-protein' diets?

You know, I love animals. I really do. I have three animals at home, and have taken in strays until a home could be found. But why does an animal rights group have to masquerade as something else in order to promote its agenda? If it is a worthy agenda, it should be promoted through direct education and information. If someone wants to be a vegan, well, great, have all the websites you want promoting a vegan lifestyle, but don't try to force me into it. Or scare me into it for that matter.

Thanks to an email list member, I became aware of the site This site tracks activist groups and their funding, which is public information since those organizations are non-profit. Don't take my word for any of this. Do your own research. Check out that site, which was a wealth of information, much much more than I could include here. Make your own decisions, but let it be an informed decision... not one based on someone's hidden agenda.

Our sincere thanks to Theresa for sharing her research with us. We want to take a moment to point out a few additional things about this group...

Sitting on their board are Andrew Weil, Dean Ornish, and John McDougall... The three low fat vegetarian doctors that hate Atkins the most and stand to lose the most should his diet sweep the land. Also note that this site is hosted by, a site that openly ridicules Atkins (they call him "Fatkins"), and attack pioneers of the anti-sugar movements like Stephen Byrnes. They're trying to force taxes on meats and dairy. And of course, they full-force attacked Gary Taube's wonderful New York Times pieces. Oh, I could go on and on.

And get this... even the AMA is wary of this organization... The American Medical Association said that it "finds the recommendations of PCRM irresponsible and potentially dangerous to the health and welfare of Americans."

Those of us who have been low carbing for years, in ketosis for years, and show picture perfect blood work, regulated weight, radiant health, and a happier life know better.

Oh yes, just one more thought – look closely at the name: "Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine". Notice it's not "Physicians' Committee for Responsible Medicine", which would imply a body of physicians. But rather merely "Physician's" as in ONE physician. Guess that means it's Neal Barnard's committee, huh?

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