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Volume III / Number 15: August 13, 2002: Page 2
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From Lora's Desk
This issue brings us a terrific story sent to us by Laura Sircher (affectionately known as "Gootch.") I hope you enjoy getting to "meet" her as much as I did. What a strong woman...

Gootch's Story

I'm a 44-year young rebellious "kid" who wants to be liked, loved and leave some sort of impression.

I'm a Midwesterner, but I enjoy the Southwest. And I've always had a love/hate relationship with food. Beginning after graduation in '76 (The Bicentennial Class.) My English teacher gave me the nickname of "Gootch" because he couldn't pronounce my 100% Italian last name. It stuck. Having an Italian Grandmother (who raised me) was a challenge in the food department. "Manga! Manga!!" she'd always tell me. (Of course, it was homemade bread, lotsa pasta, pizza...)

I'm 5'9" and have a large frame, so the weight never really was a factor. I wore midriffs and hip-huggers with no problem. Then I challenged myself.

In late 1976, I was 146 pounds, and I tried to cut down... Well, my Micky D's Lunch would be:
  • Big Mac
  • Quarter Pounder w/cheese
  • Large order of Fries
Ugh! Reducing carbs, fat, and calories turned into an obsession. I did 5-day fasts, read menus, watched cooking shows, but was afraid to eat.

In the beginning of 1977, I got down to 103 pounds. That was the only time I got into a size 7! I went with my Dad when he had his check-up and the doctor said, "You could use a few pounds."

So I went back to 150 pounds! I believe I was part of that "new" disease called Anorexia. I continued Yo-Yo'ing until I first got married in 1984. I was 135 pounds on my wedding day and did alright.

My Ex and I lived with his Mom. It was only supposed to be "for a few years". Fourteen years later we were still there!

We had to file for bankruptcy in 1995. He was sneaking Hustler magazines into the house and I was fed up. I gave him an ultimatum. He chose Mommy.

We were divorced in 1997. I moved back in with my Gram — now Dad's old place. (Although Pop was living with a Golddigger in the next town.)

I had a lot of health issues and wonder if all the "cut the fat and calories" had something to do with my troubles...

For example — In 1992, I was first diagnosed with Lupus. Then in 1994, I nearly died from a blood clot in my left leg. (Damned birth control pills!)

I was Anemic and stressed to the max. Dad was getting sick, and I had to take care of his paperwork. I needed Paxil because I had a semi-mental breakdown.

I remarried in 1997 to my best friend, and my weight was at 130. I was briefly happy.

Then, in late 1999 I was working, but after standing about three hours, I couldn't walk without pain. I saw my family doctor, and he gave me the name of a rheumatologist who ran tests and told me I had Lupus Nephrites.

I needed to have a kidney biopsy, take aggressive meds, needed twelve chemotherapy treatments, lost my hair, got edema and ballooned up to 199 pounds. YUK!

My self-esteem was in the toilet, and I felt absolutely horrible.

My final chemo was in October of 2001. I was determined in 2002 to get rid of my bloat and my meds!

I began the Low Carb life on January 15th of this year. I bought all the Carb Counter guides, did exercises (gradually), and tossed out "evil carbs" (flour, pasta and rice were out the door!)

Tomorrow will be 27 weeks, and right now, I'm at 130 pounds! I lost a lot of inches, and I do 30 minutes a day on the XL Glider! This is the best thing I ever did. I even have my husband cutting his carbs.

Dr. Atkins was correct all along and I'm glad about that! I could write a novel, but I will sign off and tell everyone that YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Thanks so much, Laura, for being so open and sharing your story. If any of YOU have a story you want to share, please let us know. We all gain strength from each other, as we all continue to learn ...


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