The Low Carb Luxury Newsletter: 
Volume III / Number 11: June 14, 2002
      Table of Contents
  1. Welcome and "Product Of The Month"
  2. From Lora's Desk: "The Trouble with Fructose"
  3. The Advice Lady Answers Your Questions "Wedding Cakes without Sugar"
  4. Cooking TLC with Karen Rysavy "Daikon 101"
  5. Richard's Random Thoughts: "Low Carber's Grilling Guide"  Part Two
  6. Recipes! "Summer Salads"
  7. Answering Mail "Cooking with Herbs!"

Welcome to another issue of the Low Carb Luxury Newsletter!

I want to be selfish for a few minutes here and say a few things that the upcoming Father's Day holiday have brought to mind, and to make a few personal acknowledgments.

First, my own father... I lost my Dad in March of 1998 with little warning. He was one of the finest men I ever knew and made the bar pretty high for any other men that would be a part of my life from then on. I loved him dearly, miss him every day, and could go on and on about special times we shared, but instead I want to share one special memory.

When I was eight years old, I was shopping with my parents in a large department store (for those of you in the Southeast, it was a Belk's.) We weren't shopping for me specifically, but as we navigated the store, my eye caught a shimmery blue dress with folds and folds of lace and tulle, adorned with blue satin sashes. It looked like something Cinderella would wear to the ball. I froze, mesmerized for a few moments. My Mom reached down to retrieve me, but I resisted, pointing out this glorious creation to my parents. I heard Daddy whisper something to Mom, and could tell whatever he'd said, Mom dismissed. I couldn't hear, but I knew the drill. Mom was telling Daddy it was too expensive and a silly extravagance. I took one last look at the dress, and we were off.

It was several days later that Daddy left the house for a "trip to the hardware store" (a rather regular event.) And that night when I went into my bedroom, a box lay on my bed. Daddy had gone back to the store and bought me my fairy-princess dress. To this day it remains one of the most precious memories I have.

Then, there's my dear husband, Richard. When he met me, he leapt into a father role to my son without hesitation or reservation, even though this was not a smooth transition (is it ever?) and over the last 13 1/2 years has weathered many storms with us. Growing up without his real father in his life himself, Richard somehow learned to be an ideal father .. caring, supportive, and knowing when to be firm enough to guide and teach. I'm so proud of him.

So for all the wonderful fathers out there who help to mould lives every day in their own quiet way, you have our admiration and our thanks.

Happy Father's Day

Junonia Activewear for Women Size 14 & Up

      Product of thr Month

Our product review team will feature 2 (two) "Products Of The Month" one in each issue of our newsletter. These products will be the group consensus of those we find to be the most innovative, tasty, or helpful to the low-carber's daily dietary regime.

Atkins Fudge Brownie Mix Atkins Fudge Brownie Mix

Our group recently reviewed Atkins Fudge Brownie Mix, and have elected to make this product our "Product Of The Month" as well, giving an extra nod to this exceptional product. Here's a copy of our recent review:

"...Let's not mince words — You need to buy, make, and completely enjoy these delicious brownies. The new Atkins Fudge Brownies are simply out of this world.

Depending on whether you like gooey-fudge-like brownies, or a more cake like brownie, you decide what sort of pan and bake-time to get your desired result. A larger pan (and shorter cook time) makes fudgy brownies. A longer bake time in a smaller pan gives you a more cake-y brownie. And add walnuts (our favorite) or pecans if you like. In short, it's hard to make a mistake with these brownies, and non-lowcarbers at our home were asking for more. No kidding... these are terrific. Twenty two people here tried them and all twenty two gave their highest recommendation."

Atkins mixes are available from
The Low Carb Connoisseur.

True Foods
Shop with True Foods Market today for great quality nut flours and more!

Almond Flour Almond Flour! At about 7 effective carb grams per cup (3 grams per ounce), it's hard to beat almond flour (sometimes called almond meal) for baking low carb. Dredge meats in it or make cookies, cakes, pie crusts and more. We offer both Natural Almond Flour and Fine, Blanched Almond Flour.

Almond Flour
Pecan and Walnut Flours! Love the praline taste of a buttery pecan cheesecake crust? Or the crunch and toasted-nutty aroma of pecan-crusted chicken breasts? Then you'll love our fine blend Pecan Meal. And if you enjoy adding walnut meal to your homemade low carb breads, muffins, and pancakes, you'll love our classic Walnut Flour!

Or try our rich, creamy nut butters!
In addition to our Roasted Almond Butter (both creamy and crunchy), and of course our exceptionally rich Peanut Butters, you won't want to miss Sunflower Butter what else we have to offer you: From Unsweetened Westbrae Catsup, to Extra Virgin Olive Oils, we have a lot to offer the low carb dieter. Visit True Foods Market soon!

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