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Volume III / Number 10: May 24, 2002: Page 2
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        Success Tales 
From Lora's Desk

So many short tales of success of our low carb visitors have come our way, that we wanted to share some of them with you. They are a joy to read and continue to inspire me every day!

Some came directly, others were shared annonymously. What they all have in common is the joy that succeeding can bring. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Becky's Story:

I started on the Atkins plan in October of 2000. At that time, I weighed 330 lbs and was more desperate than I'd ever been. My marriage was falling apart, and the reason wasn't my husband — it was me. I was hating myself so much that I was really hard to live with. And I was ashamed to be intimate with him. That Fall, a friend at work was getting thin before my eyes and I was just the opposite (having trouble even getting up out of my desk chair.) It took me a lot of courage and at least a week before I approached her and basically just said, "help me!"

When she told me she was doing Atkins, my heart fell. Oh God... she's done this on a FAD diet at the expense of her health. I listened politely, knowing I had no intention of doing any such thing. I'd heard all the stories in the news about how "dangerous" Atkins was. But at the end of our talk, she darted into her office and came out with the Atkins book. She put it directly into my hands, smiled, and told me this could change my life.

It was two weeks later that I picked up the book. It was two in the morning and I couldn't sleep... in fact, sleep was quite painful as it was hard to breathe when I was laying down, and I had constant heartburn. So out of curiosity I went and got the book and started reading. Wow, this was making sense. It didn't seem silly at all, and I seemed to meet all the descriptions for insulin resistance.

Over the last year and a half I have become a different person... I went from wearing a Woman's Size 34 (and sometimes 36) to a size 14, and I am still (slowly) losing more. I don't feel like the same person, and I feel sexy. I drink my water, take my supplements, and am healthier than I have ever been. And the best thing that's happened all month? An overweight co-worker came to me for help and advice. Yeah!

Marguerite's Story:

Lora's Note: Marguerite is a young, enthusiastic young low carber who's had tremendous success and has been a real inspiration to many. Keep in mind, that though she's lost weight more quickly than many of you (and me!) she's very young. Marguerite's story is a condensed version of something she'd written for a newsgroup and she agreed to share it with us as well.

I had always been overweight, going on my first low-fat diet at the age of six. Years later, after a stretch of eating scarcely enough to satisfy the palate of a rabbit and losing 8 pounds in eight months, I was about to mortgage my home in favor of liposuction. That's when I discovered low-carb dieting online... and I went from 315 to 114 lbs. in under a year.

I've been maintaining for well over a year. I recently got my new driver's license and compared it to the old one, and immediately understood why I'd had my checks and credit cards refused so often... there is literally no resemblence between me at 16 and me now
at 20.

My advice to others is that if you truly aren't losing beyond a temporary stall, take a good survey of what you are doing. It could well be you're consuming too much protein and not enough fat, as a good deal of protein can turn into glucose. And absolutely reduce your effective carbs by as much as you can possibly live with (I consumed no more than
8 to 13 during my loss), and definitely be alert to those "hidden carbs" on food labels. Also supplement your overall fat intake with the "good fat," like macadamia nut butter and flax oil, which I believe aid fat metabolism and offer luxurious skin and hair to boot.

I know caloric restriction is not popular with this woe, but it is my personal feeling that, sometimes, one of the first problems beginners face is the assumption that calories don't count... and some actually end up consuming more than any human can possibly metabolize healthily. And those who, like myself, have permanently screwed up their metabolism with years of low-fat dieting, especially might want to consider such restriction.

I'll never forget the first time I went to the grocery store for this diet, when I didn't know anything about what I was doing... I came home with steak, cheese, and lettuce and asked myself, "What the devil am I supposed to do with this?!"

Following the addition of cool low-carb products and a lot of culinary ingenuinity (I didn't even know how to cook then), I can honestly say that, in two years, I haven't had exactly the same meal twice (except when I'm trying to perfect a recipe!). And I feel that's the number one reason I acheived my "lofty" weight loss goal (or so everyone told me) - complete and utter satisfaction in both the taste and variety of my food.

Jane's Story:

Lora's Note: Jane's story was shared with Low Carb Luxury annonymously and this is not her real name.

Once weighing 257, now 210 — yep!  210!  Yippee!  I know, 210 is still alot of woman, but hey, I am winning the game. I am now struting in a size 14!  I haven't worn a 14 in nearly
5 years.

Just the other day, I was wearing my 18/20 overalls, thinking, 'I look cute'. I was in the bathroom room and and my bracelets just fell off. I leaned over to pick them up... and just like that — My pants fell to the floor! I only had on one strap. Instantly I became excited. I kicked the bracelets across the floor and ran to the phone with my overalls around my ankles to call my mother! She laughed as I cried.

It took me MONTHS to find bangles that would fit my wrist, and now... they where too big! After my jumps of joy, I ran to play in the clothes that were placed in boxes on the floor that I'd held on too, thinking 'one day, maybe'...

Just 3 weeks prior, I was playing in those same clothes and could not button or zip a thing — but I stayed focused!   Funny, I only lost 7 pounds during that time...and wow!  The inches took effect! I stood in my room twirling like a princess, smiling at myself, proud of myself.

Size 14, girlz and boyz! The average woman is a size 12! I am almost average! LOL! Hope you don't mind the conceit... but, uh, I forgot I was this pretty.

Drink lots of water! I drink 16 cups a day! I just flush the fat.

Oh, PS...   I finally got hit on the other day. Two guys! My girlfriends have laughed at me on this diet. But I eat my own way. They still try to throw donuts my way. But it's okay. The bathroom incident and the two guys... well, that told me I was on the right path. Stay focused.  Stay strong.

Frank's Story:

The majority of stories I usually read come from women. I don't think it's probably because less men succeed at low carbing, but rather because men seem to be less good at sharing. Well, what the heck. I decided to sit down and tell you where I've come from.

I began low carb in the Summer of 1999, and I am just now about where I want to be... Why so long? Because I had a lot of weight to lose. You see, at 5' 9", I was 428 pounds. So boy did I need some help. I was divorced at the time (I have since remarried), and was living with my Mom and Sister again for the first time since being an adult. And to make matters as difficult as possible, my Mom was an avid (really religiously) low-fat eater. And my sister was a vegetarian. Under their roof, my plan was to try low-carb.

I admit to having a number of false starts. I'd have some great success, but with all the high carb food in the house, and my depression over the divorce, I kept falling off the wagon. Two things made all the difference for me:

First, a dear friend, Barbara, that I'd known since high school came to see me, and spoke very openly about how frightened she was for me. She begged me to do whatever I needed to do to succeed, telling me she couldn't bear the thought of losing me in her life. I can't believe the difference it makes when you know how much you matter to someone. She offered her support in any way she could, and we agreed that just being able to talk with her about my progress (and my struggles) on a weekly basis was a great help to me.

My second lifesaver... I purchased two refrigerators. A small one for work, and a medium one for home. It was MY fridge where I could keep all my low carb goodies to be ready when I needed them. I kept plates of chicken, deviled eggs, tuna salad, and much more always at the ready. I converted my old bookcase into my own pantry for my non-perishable low carb items. And I learned to cook... something I doubted I could ever do. Over the last few years I've gotten pretty good at it and really enjoy it.

Support and plenty of the right foods have brough me to where I am now. I weigh 215 pounds as I am writing this, and feel wonderful. And remember the new wife I mentioned earlier? I'll bet you guessed it's Barbara. We're now BOTH low carbers (though she didn't need to lose much), but we know how healthy and happy it's made us. I can't imagine eating any other way. Mother's still low fat. And no, she still hasn't lost much weight in all these years... guess that's another story.

I hope you enjoyed these insights from others on our journey as much as I did. We'd love to hear your stories too! They don't have to be long or anything formal. And if you don't want to use your real name, that's okay too.


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