The Low Carb Luxury Newsletter: 
Volume III / Number 07: April 12, 2002: Page 5
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      Richard's Random Thoughts
Who's Short Sighted Now?

One of our visitors sent along an article of interest this past week, and I simply have to talk about it a little. The article was titled, Short-Sightedness May be Tied to Refined Diet, and it appeared in New Scientist Magazine on April 5th, 2002. (If the link should expire, we've reprinted it here.) The thrust of this article lays out the findings of a study led by Loren Cordain, an evolutionary biologist at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, and Jennie Brand Miller, a nutrition scientist at the University of Sydney.

It seems they've found that what they call "short-sightedness" (myopia — in America we call it "near-sightedness") is directly related to diet. More specifically, to starches and sugars in our diets. Just like weight gain and many other problems, it's tied to the pumping out of massive amounts of insulin to deal with all the processed cereals, breads, and sugary treats that now make up a large part of the diet of most countries. They don't mince words. It is what it is. The insulin production leads to a disturbance in the very formation in the eyeballs of children. If the eyeball grows too long, the lens can no longer flatten itself enough to focus a sharp image on the retina.

Sight Now this article shows us one more reason why a diet higher and higher in starches and sugars every year is wreaking havoc with our health. BUT, it's actually not what gets me "stirred up". You see, when I read this article, I wanted to know more. So I began searching the web and the news services.

I had no trouble finding additional articles on the subject on the BBC News, The Guardian (in the UK), nine msn (in Australia), and many many more... But where were the articles in America's health news? I searched Health Scout, AP, Reuters, MSN, and others... Why is this not making news in America? There were references to a number of American doctors and researchers noting the study, or participating in it. I don't think it was kept a big secret from us here, now was it? Surely it can't be that America's commercial food industry interests would quell the story here... that couldn't happen, could it? Well, let's just say I am wondering why the silence? The story made it into breaking health headlines globally, but nowhere in America?

I think the real "short sightedness" is in ignoring important research when it doesn't fit mainstream thinking... or worse, when it doesn't fit corprorate agenda...

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