The Low Carb Luxury Newsletter: 
Volume III / Number 03: February 8, 2002: Page 5
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      Richard's Random Thoughts
Mid February Romance... A low carb husband looks at Valentine's Day

Valentines Day is just around the corner... and I have to admit it — I'm one of those men who do have a romantic bone in his body.

Each year I try and make my dear wife, who takes such good care of me, feel special and appreciated. So, this is for all those husbands out there who are wondering what to do for "their special someone" this year now that she's low-carbing and a quick stop at the drug store to grab a box of Whitman's just won't cut it.

You can, of course, still buy her some sugar free chocolates, but let's say that might be a good addition to some other ideas that I hope can be inspiring. The goal here is to make her feel beautiful and loved, for nothing keeps a woman (or anyone for that matter) more motivated than feeling they're "worth it"!

heart box with baby roses How about filling a big heart box with baby roses (real or silk)... I did this one year at the suggestion of a sales girl in a florist shop and it was a huge hit. If you like, you can tuck a small gift in amongst the roses.

Who says one Valentine's Day card is enough? What if for the three or four days leading up to Valentine's Day, you hide a special little card or note for her to find? Or arrange to have romantic little e-cards delivered to her mailbox each morning!

Have a warm bubble-bath awaiting her when she gets in from a long day at work. (Perhaps you might join her?)

Write out the lyrics (or some passages) from a song that's special to you both and present it to her.

bear with heart Is your wife a pushover for sweet and cute? If so, a cuddly, furry bear (perhaps holding a Valentine) might be perfect. Especially if she "finds" it sitting on her desk at work, or on her pillow at night.

Candles can be very romantic. Light a room with them. What might seem cliché can touch a heart when it comes unexpectedly.

The traditional bouquet of red roses is still a classic. The rose was a sacred flower to Venus, goddess of love. The color red is used because of the strong feelings associated with that color. And the rose is undeniably the best-known symbol of beauty and love. It is common knowledge that red roses mean "I love you".

Slip a small gift in a box under her pillow for her to wake up and find.

Valentine Dinner Does your wife love to write? A beautiful pen can make a superb statement. But you know what will make it even better? Write with it first... Write her an old-fashioned love letter. It will touch her heart in ways another gift can't. Even better... "serve" her the love note and pen on plate with a rose, and then have a dinner you've made follow it!

Choose a city an hour or two away, and arrange to stay the weekend. Spend a couple of nights in a nice hotel or bed and breakfast... getting away from the pressures of life. Find a low carb friendly restaurant that you haven't been to and enjoy the evening. Take in a movie or a trip to the theatre as well... perhaps a concert?

Consider serving her breakfast in bed! Breakfast for a low carber isn't real tough and it's such a loving gesture.

Remember that sometimes it is the littlest things that make the biggest impact.


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